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Prepositions are groups of words that are used that are used before a noun, pronoun or noun phrase to show direction, place, location, spatial relations etc. They are a part of the English vocabulary, meaning they are used in almost all sentences. Some commonly used prepositions include at, on, in, of, to, between, out, towards, under, up, above etc. Various types of prepositions are parts of speech. To know more about our preposition examples, continue reading this blog post which will help you. 

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Meaning of Out

A simple definition of “out” means when something or someone moves or appears to move away from a particular place. This could refer to an enclosed space or a place that is hidden from something. 


  • The hiker ventured out into the wilderness, eager to explore the rugged terrain.
  • After a long day of hiking, they finally made it out of the forest and back to civilization.

What Type of Preposition is Out?

“Out” can be classified as a preposition of place or a preposition of direction, indicating movement away from a particular location or position.

Usage of Out Preposition With Examples

There are multiple uses of “out” in a preposition. Here are some examples to justify the same. 

Location or position

  1. The cat is out of the bag.
  2. He’s out in the garden.
  3. The keys are out on the table.

Direction or movement away from something

  1. She walked out of the room.
  2. The birds flew out of their nest.
  3. They drove out of the city.

Removal of Something

  1. He took the trash out of the bin.
  2. Please take the books out of the box.
  3. She poured the water out of the jug.


  1. We’re out of milk.
  2. The store is out of stock.
  3. He’s out of the competition.


  1. The stars came out at night.
  2. The sun came out from behind the clouds.
  3. The truth eventually came out.

What Part of Speech Does ‘Out’ Come in?

The preposition “out” can function as various parts of speech. Below mentioned are all the types of speech that “out” come into.

  1. Adverb: When it modifies a verb, adjective, or other adverb. Example: “She ran out quickly.”
  1. Preposition: When it indicates location, direction, or movement. Example: “He walked out of the room.”
  1. Noun: When it refers to a state or condition of being outside. Example: “We went for a walk in the out.”

It all depends on the type of sentence and how the word “out” is being used. 

Out Preposition Examples

Here is a list of examples of prepositions of out which will help you create sentences easily. 

  1. She stepped out of the car.
  2. The cat jumped out of the window.
  3. He ran out of the house.
  4. They climbed out of the cave.
  5. The bird flew out of its cage.
  6. The train departed out of the station.
  7. He fell out of the tree.
  8. The fisherman cast his line out of the boat.
  9. The soccer ball rolled out of bounds.
  10. She peeked out of the curtains.

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Is the word out a simple preposition?

Yes, words like out, by, for, at, in, of, off, through and several others are part of simple prepositions.

Why is out a preposition?

Out is used as a preposition as it is used to show movement away from the inside of a place or container.

Is out a preposition or a conjunction?

Prepositions (in, out, before, after, with, without, others) help establish relationships in time, space etc.

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