14+ Antonyms of Vacant, Meaning and Examples

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The word vacant describes something empty, unoccupied or not in use. Some common antonyms of vacant are occupied, used, filled, habited, taken up etc. To know more about the antonyms of vacant continue reading the blog article below.

Meaning of Vacant

The term vacant is used to describe something which is empty, such as empty space, unfilled position or job. The term vacant is used to convey the absence or lack of something in a particular place, position or any context.

Antonyms of Vacant

Here is a list of antonyms for “vacant”:

  1. Occupied
  2. Inhabited
  3. Filled
  4. Engaged
  5. Populated
  6. Taken
  7. Used
  8. Full
  9. Habited
  10. Tenanted
  11. Reserved
  12. Taken Up
  13. Populated
  14. Utilized
  15. Busy

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Usage with Examples

Here are some common examples using antonyms of vacant:

  • The previously vacant parking spot was now used by another car.
  • The once vacant room was now full of people.
  • The vacant land was gradually becoming habited with new houses.
  • The previously vacant apartment was now tenanted.
  • The previously vacant table had a reserved sign on it.

Antonyms of Vacant Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of vacant from the options listed below:

  • Simple
  • Occupied
  • Now

Answer: Vacant

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