14+ Antonyms of Honest, Meaning and Examples 

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Some common antonyms of honest are dishonest, corrupt, and deceptive. The word is honest is an adjective that is used to indicate a person or entity characterized by integrity, truthfulness, and sincerity in actions, speech, and behavior. Let us know more about the word honest, its meaning, origin, antonyms, and its usage with examples in the article blog below.

Origin Of Honest

The word honest is derived from the Latin word “honestus,” which signifies an honorable or respectable person or any entity.

Antonyms of Honest

Let’s take a look at the following opposites of honest to expand your understanding of the word:

  1. Dishonest
  2. Deceptive
  3. Untruthful
  4. Fraudulent
  5. Corrupt
  6. Deceitful
  7. Unscrupulous
  8. Insincere
  9. False
  10. Misleading
  11. Two-faced
  12. Fraudulent
  13. Disingenuous
  14. Untrustworthy
  15. Underhanded

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Antonyms of Honest Examples With Usage 

The term honest is often objective and can vary depending on the context and perspective of the speaker.

Let us understand the following examples of using the antonyms of honest in a sentence:

  • Dishonest: He is dishonest with us.
  • Deceptive: He did not have the courage to accept his deception.
  • Untruthful: My brother is untruthful and cowardly.
  • Fraudulent: He got a fraudulent cheque from his friend.
  • Corrupt: We have more corrupt leaders than the honest ones.
  • Deceitful: Her manner was sly and deceitful.
  • Insincere: I cannot tolerate insincere people at all.
  • False: He was making false accusations.
  • Misleading: The politician was misleading the people.

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Antonyms of Honest Quiz 

1. Select the most appropriate antonym for the word honest.

A Sincere

B Corrupt

C Reliable

D Open

Answer: Corrupt

2. Which word is not the opposite of the word honest?

A  Virtuous

B   False

C   Insincere

D  Deceptive

Answer: Virtuous

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This was all about the antonym of “honest” meaning and examples. Hope you understand the term honest and its usage.  For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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