14+ Antonyms of Buy, Meaning and Examples

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“Buy” is often used in the context of purchasing items, whether tangible goods or intangible services, through a transaction involving some form of payment. Some common antonyms of buy are sell, barter, yield, donate, trade etc.

Meaning of Buy

The word “buy” is a verb that refers to the act of acquiring goods or services by paying money for them. When someone buys something, they exchange currency or payment for a product or service with the intent of ownership.

Antonyms of Buy

Here are some common antonyms of buy:

  1. Sell
  2. Barter
  3. Exchange
  4. Trade
  5. Peddle
  6. Dispose
  7. Auction
  8. Acquiesce
  9. Relinquish
  10. Surrender
  11. Yield
  12. Donate
  13. Offer
  14. Renounce
  15. Abandon

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Usage with Examples

Here are some common examples using antonyms of buy:

  • The countries agreed to trade resources to benefit both economies.
  • They decided to exchange gifts for their birthdays.
  • In the early days, people used to barter goods for what they needed.
  • Street vendors peddle their wares in the bustling market.
  • He needed to dispose of his old furniture before moving to a new place.

Antonyms of Buy Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of buy from the options listed below:

  • Charitable
  • Sell
  • Liberal

Answer: Sell

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