9+ Antonyms of Mitigate with Meaning and Examples 

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The antonym of ‘Mitigate’ is to aggravate, increase, and intensify to mention a few. According to the standard definition, ‘Mitigate’ means to make something less severe, intense or painful. It refers to the act of reducing the harmful effects of something. Continue reading the blog article below to uncover more about the word mitigate its meaning, antonyms and examples.

Meaning of Mitigate

When it comes to understanding the deeper meaning of mitigate, it refers to making something less severe, serious, or painful; to alleviate, lessen, or reduce the intensity.

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9+ Antonym of Mitigate

Let’s take a look at the following opposites or antonyms of mitigate to expand your understanding of the word: 

  1. Aggravate
  2. Intensify
  3. Worsen
  4. Exacerbate
  5. Heighten
  6. Amplify
  7. Increase
  8. Escalate
  9. Compound
  10. Magnify

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Usage with Examples 

The word Mitigate is often objective and can vary depending on the context and perspective of the speaker. 

Let’s take a look at the following examples to use the antonyms of mitigate in a sentence:

  • The heavy rain will aggravate the flooding in the area.
  • The loud music only intensified my headache.
  • Ignoring the problem will only worsen the situation.
  • His harsh words only served to exacerbate the tension in the room.
  • The bright lights heightened my sensitivity to the migraine.

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Antonyms of Mitigate Quiz 

Pick the closest word that is the antonym of ‘Mitigate’ from the options given below:

  • Aggravate
  • Chronic
  • Trail
  • Alleviate

Answer: Aggravate

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This was all about the antonym of Mitigate with meaning and examples. I hope you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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