9+ Antonyms of Quell, with Meaning and Examples

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Quell Antonyms

“Quell” is used to describe the action of bringing something under control, whether it’s a physical disturbance, emotions, or a situation. A few common antonyms of quell are evoke, encourage, incite, agitate etc. Read the blog article below and learn more about meaning of quell with its numerous antonyms and examples.

Meaning of Quell

The word “quell” is a verb that means to suppress, pacify, or extinguish something, typically in a forceful or authoritative manner. When you quell something, you bring it under control, often by using force or by calming it down.

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Antonyms of Quell

Antonyms of “quell,” which means to suppress or pacify, typically involve words that imply the opposite action or result. Here are some antonyms listed below for your easy reference below:

  1. Incite
  2. Agitate
  3. Evoke
  4. Encourage
  5. Stimulate
  6. Inflame
  7. Foment
  8. Instigate
  9. Exacerbate
  10. Provoke

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Usage with Examples

Here are some antonyms along with sentence examples:

  • The inflammatory speech was designed to incite anger and protest among the crowd.
  • The beautiful artwork had the power to evoke deep emotions in those who viewed it.
  •  The coach’s pep talk before the game served to encourage the team and boost their morale.
  • The energetic music was used to stimulate the dancers and keep the party going.
  • His inflammatory comments in the debate only served to inflame the already tense situation.

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Quell Antonyms Quiz

Pick the correct answer from the following options of quell listed below: 

  • Inflame
  • Outburst
  • Circular

Answer: Inflame

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