What if Joey Went to Oxford

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Joey Tribbiani was one of the most popular characters from the popular television series Friends. He was known for his charm, wit, love of food, and love of cooking, he was a man who was loved by all. 

In his character as an extroverted person, Joey thrives on human interaction, whether he is performing on stage or being a character in Central Perk. There is never a dull moment with him. He’s always full of energy and likes to think of himself as being the life of any party.

But what if Joey had taken a different path in life? What if he had gone to an Ivy League college like Oxford? Let’s take a look at how Joey might have fared in such an academic environment.

Joey’s Academic Prowess

In Friends, Joey Tribbiani gets a lot of flack for being “the dumb one” on Friends, but there’s more to intelligence than that.

He wasn’t portrayed as the brightest bulb in the box, but he certainly had his strengths like throughout the series, Joey demonstrates many of them, especially his emotional intelligence. As Joey Tribbiani goes through ten seasons, he has his shining moments.

Let’s consider the academic demands at Oxford. Joey might be used to memorizing lines for his acting gigs, but studying at Oxford would be a whole other ballgame. Can you imagine him trying to tackle complex philosophical texts or deciphering Shakespearean language? It’s hard enough to imagine him sitting still for a full hour of lectures, let alone writing a dissertation!

Shakespeare? That’s a Moo Point!

Once he had settled in, Joey would have to get used to the academic workload. Oxford is notorious for its rigorous academic standards, and Joey would have to study hard to keep up with the pace. No more sleeping in and lounging on the couch all day – he would have to hit the books and work diligently to maintain his grades.

But Joey was never one to shy away from a challenge. He would throw himself into his studies and would undoubtedly excel in some areas. However, there might be certain subjects where he would struggle. For instance, Joey’s grasp of English grammar wasn’t always the best, so he might struggle with the complexities of the language. He might need some extra tutoring to help him get up to speed.

Joey’s Social Life at Oxford 

Let’s not forget about the cultural differences. At Oxford, there’s a certain social etiquette that’s expected of students. Joey’s signature “How you doin’?” and “Joey doesn’t share food!” might not go over so well at high tea with the Queen. And let’s face it, Joey’s fashion sense might clash a bit with the traditional Oxford dress code of gowns and caps.

And what about Joey’s infamous dating life? We can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if he tried to navigate the dating scene at Oxford. Imagine him trying to use his usual pickup lines on a sophisticated British woman. “Hey, are you a library book? Because I’m checking you out!” – we don’t think that one would go over so well.

Joey’s signature “How you doin’?”

As for his other social life, Joey would have to navigate the complexities of the British class system. He would be mixing with students from all walks of life, including many from wealthy, privileged backgrounds. Would he fit in with this crowd? Or would he be seen as an outsider?

Joey Misses Home 

Assuming Joey was accepted into Oxford, another challenge he would face would be adjusting to life in the UK. Joey was a true New Yorker at heart, and Oxford’s quaint, historical surroundings might have been a bit overwhelming for him. 

One thing that wouldn’t change if Joey went to Oxford would be his love of food. However, he would have to adjust his diet to fit in with the more refined palate of the UK. No more giant sandwiches or massive pizza slices – he would have to learn to appreciate the more delicate flavours of British cuisine. He would have to adjust to a new culture, new people, and new food. Would he still be able to find a slice of pizza that lived up to his high standards?


We must give Joey credit for attempting to go to Oxford despite all the challenges. As much as we tried to imagine how Joey would change if he went to Oxford, we realized Joey is just, well, Joey. You can’t change him. And we wouldn’t want him being anyone else. He’s great just the way he is, but who knows – he might surprise us all.

Who knows, maybe he’ll even showcase his famous “Joey Special” sandwich to the Oxford crowd!

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