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As the number of alphabets keeps getting close to the end, the number of movies also keeps reducing. You must have noticed that there are hardly any movies that you can find from the alphabet Y, but should that stop you from completing your alphabet marathon of movies starting from all the alphabets? I believe not! To make this easy for you, we have got your back. I am sure by the end of the alphabet you will be the ruler of the kingdom of films and there will be one who will not require the advice of an expert like you on the topic. So read the blog to the end to know some popular movies that start from Y that will be an entertaining watch. 

Entertaining List Of Movies That Start From Y

Without wasting much of your time, you will certainly need to save it to watch the movies that start from Y that are mentioned below. Let’s jump to the list!

Yes Boss

Movies That Start From Y
Credit: Youtube

Bollywood has always been famous for its romantic hits. The industry surely holds expertise in the subject and is to be talked about by the viewers, the viewers also love the romantic hits Bollywood gave us. If you like movies from the 90’s and looking for an early romance then this is your pic. 

It is a romantic comedy film the story follows a young man Rahul Joshi who works in a travel agency whose owner is Sidharth Chaudhary.

Rahul’s life turns when he meets Seema Bakshi who dreams of becoming an actress and is hired as Rahul’s secretary. Later Rahul finds himself in love with Sakshi. However, Rahul’s boss Siddhartha also starts to water feelings for Sakshi and tries to kick off Rahul from the way. Rahul faced a lot of challenges in his personal and professional life from finding a way to Seema’s heart to trying hard to fight with his boss’s manipulative tactics.

The film revolves around the themes of romance, comedy, drama etc.

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Yes Madam

Movies That Start From Y
Credit: Amazone

What fun is it until we find an action sequence with a glimpse of laughter in it? Such movies are truly a relief and provide us with one of the best kinds of experiences as viewers. The same goes for the movie “Yes Madam!”. It is an action comedy film also known by its second title that is “Police Assassins”.

The movie starts with two female inspectors Ng and Carrie Morris who are assigned to investigate a drug trafficking ring. However, the story takes a sharp turn when they discover a hidden microfilm in a stolen necklace. And they both try to find justice against the criminals and recover the microfilm they both face a brutal gang of thugs. the movie is known for its thrilling action scenes, impressive display of martial arts and icebreaking performance of its female actresses.

Yelling to the sky

Movies That Start From Y
Credit: Amazon

Life is a very huge term which has a different meaning for everyone. Life is not just the part between birth and death rather it is the way of living of an individual. And the story they create out of it. Each story is different, some are sweet, some have struggled and some are extraordinary. This is the life story of a girl that you would really like to watch.

It is an American drama film. The story revolves around a biracial teenager Sweetness O’Hara living in Queens, New York. Sweetness faces a lot of difficulties in life including dealing with family disputes, bullying etc.

As she tries to live her life peacefully she makes the relationship with the people that she is involved with, her older sister Ola, her disturbed mother, her father and Roland her teacher who provides support and mentoring to Sweetness.

The film offers themes of individuality, family, dynamics, and struggle to icebreaker the situation of violence and poverty.

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Yellow Jack

Movies That Start From Y
Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

It is an American historical drama film which is based on a play of the same name which showed the journey to find the vaccine for yellow fever.

The movie starts with two doctors, Dr. Walter Reeds and Dr. James Carrol with their team of researchers to find out the vaccine for fighting against the yellow fever virus. The team faces various challenges in their journey for the cure including scepticism from their colleagues and resistance from the military. But even after endless obstacles, the team was successful in finding the vaccine and saving thousands of lives. The movie is known for its great science fiction and medical enhancements that led to the assassination of the yellow fever virus and its impacts on the population.


Movies That Start From Y
Credit: IMDb

Have you ever planned a trip with your friends to an adventurous place, like fishing, or trekking? If you have then great and if you are planning then you must definitely watch this film before you go. 

It is an Australian thriller film in which a group of friends went on for fishing trip on a catch.

As the movie follows a group of friends reaching the ocean and rising conflicts between them which lead to the betrayal. The situation becomes worse when they encounter a seeker boat. The film explores the themes of friendship, loyalty, and the consequences of one’s doing on the higher stakes. The movie shows the intensity of the atmosphere in the oceans and how people with strong self-belief can counter that and lead their way.

Yes or No

Movies That Start From Y
Credit: Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal

Though feelings have always existed since the start of time but feelings are more accepted in today’s generation be it of any kind. The generation now is moe wide-minded and accepts the difference, unlike the older times. The concept of gender has changed from male and female to a very wide spectrum and the movies have played a very big role in making people comfortable with the new concepts that have come to society recently. 

This is a Thai romantic drama film which shows the relationship of the lesbian couple which was too unorthodox for the Thai cinema at the time it was released.

The story starts with the two roommates Kim and Pie. Kim is an open lesbian girl who has feelings for Pie who claims herself to be straight at the start. Eventually, Pie starts to develop feelings for Kim finding her true identity which also leads to internal conflicts among them.

The film explores the themes of unorthodxial love between two people, and friendship. It also shows the difficulties and challenges faced by Kim and Pie in the search for acceptance by their families and society.

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