5 Scholarships for Fine Arts Students in India

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Scholarships for Fine Arts Students in India

Often many institutions provide scholarships for students to ease their finances. Scholarships are one of the easiest and most affordable ways for students to get enrolled in their dream courses to study. Students across India utilise scholarships to study their dream courses. If you are too interested in fine arts, consider this an apt blog. Here we will cover some notable 5 Scholarships for Fine Arts Students in India to help students.

Top 5 Scholarships for Fine Arts Students in India

Students often avail of scholarships which helps them to pursue their dream course. Here are the top 5 scholarships which students can apply for to study fine arts in India.

Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship scheme aims to provide specialized training to all those talented children who excel in various cultural fields. Apart from this, the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training is an independent organisation which lies under the Ministry of Culture of the Government of India.

  • Benefits: All selected scholars will be given INR 3,600 per year along with a reimbursement of up to INR 9,000 every year towards the actual tuition fee. 
  • Eligibility: This scholarship is for students aged between 10-14 years. Apart from this, the student should be studying in a recognized school or belong to families who are already into performing traditional arts.

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Saryu Doshi Graduate Fellowships in Liberal Arts and Sciences 

This particular scholarship aims to support financially disadvantaged Indians who have been accepted at a University abroad. Those students who want to pursue courses like Post-graduation (Master, PG certificate/diploma or Doctorate) in Liberal Arts.

  • Benefits: With this scholarship, students will receive an amount of up to INR INR 3,00,000 which will be provided to cover the tuition fee only
  • Eligibility: To shortlist candidates, an interview will be conducted based on which the selection will be made.

Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship

This program has been designed to help students/ young professionals in their initial years. The scholarship can be based on several courses. 

  • Benefits: Under this scholarship living expenses, tuition fees, one-way travel allowance, and health allowance are all taken care of. 
  • Eligibility: The selection of the candidate is made via an independent Inlaks Selection Committee. The selection process is carried out in two processes: the preliminary interview and second the final interview where only the shortlisted candidates make it through. It is very important that all candidates are available for the interview in India. 

Sanskriti Kalakriti Fellowship

This fellowship is for those experienced professionals who want to work on improvising their respective art forms. At the same time, by indulging in this, the student’s skills will also be enhanced via rigorous practice.

  • Benefits: Students will get a fellowship of INR 50,000 in two instalments.
  • Eligibility: The applicant should have a training of minimum 10 years in Indian Classical Dance. Apart from this, the candidate should have given at least 2 to 3 solo performances at a recognized place.

Scheme for Scholarships to Young Artists in Different Cultural Fields 

This scholarship gives financial support to young and outstanding artists who have advanced training within India in fields like Visual Art, Theatre, Indian Classical Music and Dance etc. 

  • Benefits: The candidate will be paid INR 5,000 every month for a period of two years so as to cover their living expenses. 
  • Eligibility: The candidate will be asked to appear for an interview in front of an expert committee. 

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Application Process

The application process for every scholarship is somewhat similar. 

  • All those people interested to be a part of this scholarship should make sure that they carry some important documents which include: recent passport-size photographs, certificates mentioning your educational qualification, IDs and lastly a certificate proving that you have prior training with a proper institute/Guardian.
  • Candidates involved in painting/sculpture or other art-related courses need to have self-attested photographs showcasing their work.


How competitive is the Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship?

Over the years, almost 600 scholars have won awards for this scholarship. The selection process for the same is very competitive where the candidates are required to appear for a preliminary interview in either Delhi or Mumbai. 

Who can submit the application under Sanskriti Kalakriti Fellowship?

All those candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for this scholarship, in which the candidate should have training of a minimum of 10 years and have given a solo performance are eligible for the same.

What is the application procedure for Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship?

All candidates should have submitted their applications online as no physical applications will be accepted. The candidates should also upload their portfolio as a pdf or share a website/online portfolio link.

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