Top 7 Interview Preparation Websites

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Imagine you’re in the middle of an interview, feeling lost and overwhelmed. Sound familiar? For many, interviews can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Despite thorough preparation, they are often filled with challenging and unexpected questions. Finding the right resources to prepare can be daunting, given the plethora of options available online. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best interview preparation websites to help you ace your next interview. Keep reading for the full list.

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Insights from Experts on Preparing for Interviews

The interview is always the most important step in the employment process. Even the most accomplished individuals with years of expertise might occasionally miss out on a dream chance simply because they didn’t prepare sufficiently or perhaps in the wrong way. Before attending an interview, it is often advised for the prospective applicants to complete the fundamentals like learning more about the company, the position, and the team you’re looking for, preparing for practice interviews, writing an engaging cover letter and résumé, accurately organizing your documents, and knowing how to dress for success is the key.

Another way for a candidate to make a good impression on the hiring manager is to pay attention to body language, confidence, and facial expressions, talk clearly and succinctly, and ask questions. 

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Top 7 Interview Preparation Websites

The best resources for interview preparation are listed here, so you can ace the next round. Therefore, the next time your recruiting manager calls or the company you want to work for, simply prepare, learn, and master before that significant day.

  1. Preplaced

For those interested in learning more about mock interviews, Preplaced is India’s top platform for interview preparation and mentorship. It enables you to tailor your interview preparation approach by giving you a choice of top industry experts for one-on-one mentoring. 

  1. InterviewBuddy

Another excellent resource for interview preparation is InterviewBuddy. Although this platform has a somewhat technical focus, it places a lot of attention on giving candidates access to online interviews. Candidates who utilize this site may schedule interviews with professionals in the field thanks to its user-friendly design. As candidates are not given the interviewers’ personal information prior to the session, they do not, however, confirm or disclose the identity of the interviewer. 

  1. Exponent

Exponent is the ideal platform for you to use to prepare for the interview if you intend to work in product management or any other technical program management organization. It focuses on mock interviews for a range of key disciplines. Exponent also offers courses in these areas. The biggest feature of this platform is that it provides candidates with sample interview questions and responses that are company-specific. 

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A company called offers virtual, completely anonymous mock interviews with senior engineers from FAANG and other leading firms. You may schedule a practice interview anytime you choose, and you’ll meet with your interviewer virtually. The interviews are completely confidential, include audio only, and no video, and your interviewer won’t have access to any of your personal data. You will get thorough, useful feedback about what you need to improve on to obtain the job you deserve after the interview.

  1. CareerCup

Another excellent resource for interview preparation is CareerCup. It includes a variety of materials to aid an individual. You can get pointers for enhancing your resume and creating a powerful one. There are ways to learn about brand-new profession categories and the remunerations that go along with them. The website’s primary goal is to offer tools for preparing for software engineering interviews.

  1. Pramp

Pramp is a website that simulates interviews and gives applicants access to technical interviews; it enables you to organize adaptable interviews. Coding and system design are the two main areas of emphasis. As a result, it’s an excellent website for anybody interested in algorithms, data structures, or front- or back-end system architecture.

Pramp is mostly administered by a community of engineers; as a result, the content is highly particular to engineering roles, generally involving coding. Pramp is an excellent website for engineers to maximize their interview preparation ability.

Hope this collection of interview preparation websites will aid you in preparing for your ideal job at your dream firm.

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Where can I practice for interviews?

Pramp, Preplaced, Exponent, InterviewBuddy, and are some of the useful interview preparation websites to help you excel.

Which is the best app for preparing for an interview?

Glassdoor, GeeksforGeeks, Dropbox, Mock Interview, and CV Engineer are some of the most useful apps for interview preparation.

Does Google do Mock Interviews?

Yes, Google’s mock interview platform lets the candidate practice with the coaches and get feedback immediately. 

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