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In our entire lives, we meet thousands of people to whom we are always giving a short self-introduction. Another situation is when we are looking for job opportunities and we have to introduce ourselves. Therefore, to establish a positive connection with the interviewer we have to create a basic strategy, go prepared for an interview. In this blog, we will talk about how we can give a short self-introduction about ourselves. 

Benefits of a Strong & Short Self-Introduction

A powerful opening in an interview can make one’s interview process very engaging, even if the goal of the whole interview is to get a new job or make a new connection. At the same time, it helps the interviewer get to know about your personality, what are you good at and other related things about you.

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How to Introduce Yourself

Here are the steps which you can incorporate to introduce yourself:

State Your Purpose 

Most people start by introducing themselves and their current job titles. However, one also needs to add some additional information which might not be there on their resume. After this, you can also mention your goal, mention your purpose in a few sentences. 

Always keep in mind, that you should start your interview in such a manner that it is appropriate for the context. 

Look at Your Body Language

Remember to keep verbal communication and body language should go hand-in-hand. Make sure that you are smiling all the time. Be confident in whatever you say. While speaking, remember that you are speaking loud and clear. Maintain natural body language with relaxed arms and body movements. 

State Your Value

There are often situations when you are not the only person going for the interview. There are many applicants for one position. Therefore, your introduction should be so unique that it will make you stand out from the other candidates. 

Study the Company

Before going for the interview, the candidate should research the company and understand its working. For example: if you are going for an interview in an IT firm, make sure you read about the job profile you have applied for, what will be your work and how the company functions. 

Tips for a Successful Short Self-Introduction

Interviews are one of the most common scenarios where the candidate gets to introduce himself/herself. Follow the below-mentioned steps which should ideally be followed in this situation.

Dress Properly

Your appearance, and how well you are dressed are some of the main things the interviewer sees when you enter the room. All of this reveals tells a lot about your personality. Therefore, it is very important that you choose your clothes carefully. The ideal dress code for an interview should be formal attire. 

Pro Tip: Before going to an interview, research the company and see what is it like. If it is a call centre then you won’t have the need to wear formal attire. Whereas, an IT company will require to wear one.

Plan Your Conversation

It is always advised that you go well-prepared for the interview. In order to do so, one should do thorough research about the company as well as the interviewer. Look for some common interview questions which can be asked in the interview and prepare for them. Be confident throughout the interview. 

If need be, you can also practice some answers which can be asked. 

Have a Positive Body Language

Your body language and facial expressions convey a lot about your thoughts and how you are feeling. Make sure that your body language is supporting your verbal language. Often they both go in different directions. 

Pro Tip: Make sure that your body language s correct, and that you are sitting straight with your shoulders, back and chest high. Make eye contact with your interviewer. 

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What are some of the important things which need to be kept in mind?

While introducing yourself, it is essential to follow the following points which have been mentioned below:
Start by telling them about your name.
Tell them about your educational background (where have you done your schooling and graduation from).
Tell them about your career goals (where do you see yourselves in the next five years, what are your short-term and long-term goals).
Talk about your work experience (if you have any).

What should be avoided during a self-introduction?

At the time of introducing yourself, one should make a note of some of the things which will come in handy later on. Here are some of the points:
Lacking a purpose or direction.
Grammatical Errors
Not looking confident 
Providing too much information

What is the most important part of your self-introduction?

A good self-introduction should be given in such a way that it captures the audience’s attention. The more confident and well-prepared you are the better the introduction will go. Or else, it will start showing on the face. 

Hope this blog gave you all the relevant information about how you can give a short introduction about yourself in an interview. 

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