Best Examples of Self-Introduction in an Interview

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Best Examples of Self-Introduction in an Interview

The candidates appearing for the interview must be nervous which is quite normal. The candidates try not to lose their focus during the interview. During the preparation try to make a strong self-introduction. It will help the candidate to make the first impression on the interviewer. In the article, the candidates will learn some tips and the best examples of Self- Introduction in an Interview.

The Best Examples of Self-Introduction in an Interview

For the candidates who will be appearing in the interview, the first question asked is “Tell me about yourself”. This question is asked by the interviewer to know about the candidate in brief and the questions related to the job application and the role. Below mentioned are the best examples of self-introduction in the interview for freshers, experienced and for internships.

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The Best Examples of Self Introduction in an Interview for Freshers

Example 1

Good morning, everyone, thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Neha, and I graduated in journalism and Mass Communication from ABC College, New Delhi. At present, I am interning as a content writer with XYZ. Besides being a writer, I have an immense interest in music. Being in the very early phase of my career, I understand the importance of constant learning and I believe that working with your esteemed organization would provide me with the opportunity to constantly learn and upskill myself.

Example 2

Good morning, I am Arya and I recently graduated from ABC College. Growing up I had always found immense interest in art and crafts. With the support from my parents and teachers in school, I was able to represent my school in various competitions and was also ranked first in a state-level art competition. My love for art motivated me to pursue liberal arts in my bachelor’s. In my first year of college, we were introduced to website designing and I was intrigued by it. I then pursued a few online courses in graphic design. Further, I helped to design a local bakery store in my locality and the cultural committee of my college. I now look forward to contributing my skills and honing them with your esteemed organization.

The Best Examples of Self Introduction in an Interview for Experience

Example 1

Good Morning, I am Nysa Jain, an engineering graduate from XYZ College, Mumbai. I began my career as a marketing intern with A company and later switched to the role of an analyst with B company. I have been working here since 2017. Over the years I have gained expertise in analyzing the competitive market nature of the company’s clients, identifying business opportunities, and recommending penetration strategies to elevate the ROI of our clients. My proven market analysis has allowed me to achieve long-term success for my company clients which I believe is in line with your company motto “Providing a guaranteed solution to our clients.”

Example 2

Sure, I am Jay D’sa, an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication graduate of ABC University batch 2015. After successful college placements, I was able to work with a renowned Ed Tech company based out of Bangalore for 5 years. Post that, I landed my job at a start-up in Pune and have been working there for 3 years. I believe the experience and skill set that I was able to gain from working in both, an MNC as well as a start-up will come to its best use in your esteemed organization and am therefore looking forward to being a part of the team.

The Best Examples of Self-Introduction in an Interview for an Internship

Example 1

I am (Write your name and then mention your education details with percentages like 10th – 85%, 12th -82%, and so on, and then add your hobbies too). I have been selected for an internship program in (Name of the Company).

Sir, I am a student of (College/Institute name with full address) pursuing a B.Tech degree in (CSE/ECE/Mechanical, etc.).In college, I did many projects as part of my curriculum, which helped me learn about programming languages such as C++, Java, Data Structure, Python, etc.

My critical skills include programming in C++, Java & Python, and data analytics using MS Excel and SQL Queries. Apart from academics, I’m involved in various curricular and extra-curricular activities such as sports, cultural activities, etc. My hobbies include playing cricket and reading novels.

Example 2

Hi. My name is Aditya, and I’m a recent graduate from XYZ University. I’m looking for an internship to help me grow my skills and get some experience in the field of engineering, which is my current passion. I am interested in C++, and Python, so it would be great if you offered me something related to this field. If not, that’s fine too! I’m open to learning anything new. I’d love to hear from you and would love it if you could set up an interview with me.

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What to Include in Self Introduction for the Interview?

The candidates who are appearing for the Interview must know that there are four important things that they should combine in their response. These four components give the interviewer an overview of who you are, both personally and professionally. These four important components are mentioned below:

Describe Yourself

In this part of the self-introduction, the candidate should tell about themselves and who they are as a person. Therefore, the candidates need to begin with their names and briefly talk about their personality traits.


Then the candidate should tell their place of birth, currently where they are living and as well as about their family background in brief. Through this, the interviewer will get to know about your cultural background.


A brief statement about your educational qualifications is also needed in the self-introduction in an interview. Although it will be mentioned in your resume it will be good to add a brief about it in your self-introduction.

Professional Traits

At last, in the self-introduction, the candidate must add about their professional traits. This will include job-specific attributes as well as general transferable skills, such as those of communication, leadership, and teamwork. Also, mention the projects that you have been a part of so that the interviewer has a more concrete perspective of your ability.


What are the components of Self- Introduction in an interview?

The components of Self Introduction in an interview are to thank the interviewer and tell your name, educational background, location, internships or previous job experiences.

What are the tips for self-introduction in an interview?

The tips for the self-introduction in an interview are to be confident, don’t stammer, don’t introduce yourself for more than a minute.

How can the candidate introduce himself in the interview example?

Greet the interviewers, state your name, and introduce yourself without fear. Be audible and bold to showcase your respect for the opportunity. Introduction can include education qualifications and experience depending on your level of expertise

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