How to Answer, ‘What You Can Bring to the Company?’

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How to Answer What You Can Bring to the Company

It is almost hard to prepare for every scenario before going into an interview. You will be surprised every single time, regardless of your level of expertise or the number of interviews you have attended so far. It takes a lot of concentration and composure to react during an interview; many people perceive it as an art. One can mentally get ready to respond in the most effective and appropriate manner. In the series of blogs on interview preparation tips by Leverage Edu, We’ll cover a range of topics and provide you with the best guidance. Continue reading to know more about how to answer what you can bring to the company. 

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Why Employers Ask: What You Can Bring to the Company? 

It’s critical to highlight your skills, experiences, and other qualities that make you a worthwhile asset to the firm at a job interview or other professional setting when asked, “What can you bring to the company?” or “What can you contribute to this company?”. Such questions enable the interviewer to find out information like how you see yourself fitting into the corporate culture, your own approach to dealing with others, the strength of your work ethic, and how you can be a resource in the position.

However, job seekers are frequently chosen for interviews based on their CVs or talents, but those who are hired must also show they can fit into the workplace culture, get along with coworkers, and provide value beyond a set of skills.

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How to Answer “What you Can Bring to the Company? 

While you are answering the question, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Preparing beforehand would give the best results during your interview. We have mentioned some brief pointers you must include in your answer. Let’s explore! 

Understand the Company

Do extensive research on the business to grasp its guiding principles, culture, and values. Having this understanding will enable you to match your abilities and traits to what the firm is seeking.

Identify your Strengths

Think of your distinctive abilities that the firm might benefit from, including your technical and soft talents. Take into account your education, prior professional experience, and distinctive personal traits. One can state all their strengths and weaknesses during the interview for a better response. 

Personalize your response

 Adjust your response to the firm’s unique demands and specifications. Emphasize your abilities and experiences that are most relevant to the position for which you are seeking.

Be Specific

Give specific instances of how you’ve applied your abilities or attributes to achieve success in past employment rather than making generalizations. To make your argument, use examples or stories with measurable results.

Be Enthusiastic

Show your excitement for the organization and the position. Mention any pertinent ideas or efforts you may have that might help the firm, and demonstrate your sincere desire to contribute to its success.

Emphasis On Teamwork Collaboration

Demonstrate how well you can collaborate with others. Display your capacity to communicate, adapt, and work together with others to achieve shared objectives.

Describe your desire to learn

Promote your willingness to learn new things and advance your career. Draw attention to any instances where you adapted to new procedures or technology or swiftly learned new abilities.

Moreover, your response can include any or all of the aforementioned items; prioritize the ones that, according to your employer’s analysis, are most crucial to the business. 

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Tips and Tricks for Answering What You Can Bring to the Company

Before preparing for the interview, keeping a few other things in mind is also crucial such as, how fluently one is answering questions, tone of voice, your appearance, body language etc. However, we have mentioned a few tips to follow when answering the question. Find them briefly listed below. 

  • Be confident
  • Dress appropriately (Formal wear) 
  • Be on time (At Least 20 minutes before the scheduled time)
  • Put a smile on your face
  • Back your answer with relevant data

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Sample Answer for ‘What you Can Bring to the Company’

Here is a sample answer for your easy reference which includes all the basic information one must add to their answer. Read below: 

“I gather from my study that your business places a high importance on customer happiness and innovation. My experience in software development combined with my prodigious problem-solving abilities make me certain that I can provide significant value to your team. In my prior position, I successfully oversaw a project that increased our software systems’ efficiency by 20%, which raised customer satisfaction scores. I am a cooperative team player that likes to work with people and thinks that sharing information and ideas will lead to success. I am enthusiastic about the potential to contribute to your company’s continued development and have a good influence on the industry since I am also continually looking for possibilities to learn and improve.”

Confidently provide your response while retaining a cheerful and professional demeanor. Sincerity in your responses and a genuine enthusiasm for the position are essential for authenticity. 

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Q.1. How do you answer what you can bring to the company sample?

Ans: Answer your passion for the field, your company, and your desire to stand out.

Q.2. What are the top 3 things one must include while answering “What can you bring to the company?” 

Ans: The top things one must state in their answer are the years of experience one has, their skill set, and abilities. Last but not least, the ability to solve problems in the team. 

Q.3. How does one answer “What can one bring to the job”? 

Ans: The best way to impress employers is to describe your own enthusiasm for the company’s mission, product, or service.

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