Self Introduction in Pharma Interview

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Self Introduction in Pharma Interview

Are you looking for a career in the pharmaceutical industry and want to give an interview? Then, we have got your back. Whenever the candidate goes for an interview, he/she should be well-prepared and well-researched. Based on that, the candidate will be assessed by the interview. Worry not as we will guide you through the process of getting into a pharmaceutical company and how you can crack the interview. In this blog, we will talk about how you can introduce yourself in a pharmaceutical interview. 

Tips to Prepare for Pharma Interview

If you are looking for some tips to prepare for a pharmaceutical interview then below mentioned are some of the tips which will help you:

  • Go prepare in advance: This means that the candidate should research the job role/profile, and what will be their responsibilities.He/She should also research the company they are going for. It is best if the candidate is well-prepared and knows what he/she should speak.
  • First Impression is the last impression: Always remember this rule. The candidate must start by introducing himself/herself to the interviewer. Make sure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer. No company would want to hire someone who can’t even maintain eye contact while talking. 
  • Show them your worth: Always remember that the line for one position is very long, especially in this field. For this role, the company will always want someone who will be knowledgeable about the field. The interviewer will also look for someone who will have good communication skills. 
  • Be Optimistic: In most interviews, interviewers want positive-minded people. Every company wants a team player who can work in any team and also have leadership qualities.
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Self-Introduction for Pharma Interview – Samples


Hello, I’m [XYZ], and I am very grateful to be here today. I have recently graduated from (name of the university), where I have obtained my degree in (name of the degree).

After I graduated, worked as a (job title) for almost two years at a pharmaceutical company. During my tenure, I gained experience working on several data sets and analyzing them using several tools. It was a fantastic experience working in that company as I learnt to use Excel effectively. I also helped others in collecting data and putting them together. 

My interests have always been in the pharmaceutical industry. I believe that by working in this industry my potential will be used in a proper manner. I hope to get this opportunity and work in your esteemed company.

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Hi! My name is [XYZ], and I’m currently working as a [job title] at [company]. I was born (name of the place) and hail from (name of the place). 

I have experience working with data, have knowledge of all the medicines and much more. 
I love this job as it allows me to help patients and sometimes even my family. Apart from this, it also gives me the chance to spend time and know people personally and get to know about their health. 


How do I prepare myself for a pharmaceutical interview?

In order to prepare for your interview with a pharmaceutical company, it is very important to keep some of the below-mentioned points in mind.
Know the company, it is very important to do a proper research about the company
Understand what will be your role in the company
Research your interviewers
Practice frequently asked questions 
Know what you have mentioned in your CV

How to answer ‘Why do I want to join a Pharmaceutical company’?

To answer this question, begin by saying that you have always had a huge interest in this field. Then you can always mention how much satisfaction you get after helping all the people.

How to answer the question ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years’?

This is a very tricky and important question as based on this the interviewer will judge you and decide if you are the right person. For answering this question you will have to mention all your strengths and how that has helped you create milestones. Mention your long-term goals and how you would like to achieve them.

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We hope this blog helped you get a basic understanding of how you can crack the interview in a pharmaceutical company. You will also find out how you can introduce yourself. 

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