How to Answer “What is your Dream” in Interview?

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What is your Dream?

During interviews, you may come across many critical questions, and one such question is “What is your Dream?” There are various responses to this question and one must answer it with utmost honesty because your dream defines your goals. Based on your answer the interviewer could examine how much dedication you would enforce in the job role to accomplish your dreams. This blog will guide you through the types of answers you can give to this interview question. It also covers the agenda of the interviewer behind this question and some tips and tricks to answer this.

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Why Does The Interviewer Ask “What is Your Dream Job?”

The answer to this question in an informal scenario could be different, but when you are sitting in front of the interviewer you need to be formal and professional. The interviewer could judge so many things about you and your personality by asking this question. The most important reasons behind this question are mentioned below:

  • The interviewer would get to know about you by asking “What is your dream?” in any interview.
  • Through this question, the interviewer will get to know about your interests, values, passion, and the amount of dedication you would invest in the job.
  • The person would analyze whether your dreams align with the organization’s objectives.
  • They would also examine whether you would be an asset to the company or not by judging your interest in a particular position.

Now, that you are aware of the reasons why an interviewer asks this question. Let’s go through the tips to answer this interview question.

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Tips to Answer “ What is your Dream in Life” 

The answer to this question may vary from person to person. Make sure your response should be thoughtful and well-structured. Through this question, the interviewer would get to know about your aspirations and interests in life. Here are some tips and tricks which you can follow or imply while answering this question in a job interview:

1. State your Future Goals with Clarity

It is not only about your dream in life, you need to be clear about your career goals. While answering this question you must also be mindful of the objective of the company. The interviewer will examine your dedication and passion towards the role you are applying for and also towards the company. 

2. Try to Include fundamentals of the Job

For example, if you are applying for the role of content writer, then, you might answer that your dream is to publish your own book, write for a renowned publisher in the country, or generate the highest traffic through your work, etc. Such things would tell the interviewer that your work would be beneficial to the company and you would eventually be an asset to the organization.

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3. Be Real and Have a Plan

While answering “What is your dream in life”, make sure that your big dream would summarize your skills, passion, interests, and values behind your work and whatever you are currently doing. Besides that, you must frame a line in your answer which indicates your plan to attain your dream. Try to associate your dream with the job. 

4. Be Enthusiastic

Conclude your response with excitement and appreciation for the opportunity to follow your goal within the context of the organization. Elaborate your answer, so that the interviewers would get a brief understanding of your dream in life.

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Sample Answers to “What is your Dream”

Here are some sample answers to this pertinent question:

Sample Answer 1

If you are applying for the marketing role then, you can answer:

My dream is to become a marketing manager who can boost the organization’s profit and inspire the entire team towards positive development. I’ve always been fascinated by the advancement in technology. So, I would try to implement my best knowledge through technology to upgrade the company’s status digitally. I look forward to this job opportunity as a step ahead towards achieving my dream in life. I am really looking forward to joining the marketing team of your company and contributing my best for the growth of the organization.

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Sample Answer 2

If you are applying for any post in administrative services, then you can answer:

My dream is to become an IAS officer. I always wanted to work for the betterment of the nation. My dream revolves around working for equality and reducing or eradicating crimes in the community. Being a nation lover, I am determined to promote harmony and social cohesion. This job role would help me reach my goal and I would learn and contribute my 100% in this job role. 

Sample Answer 3

Following is the sample answer for any tech-based job role:

I wish to become a Principal Software Engineer in the coming future. As I have acquired my higher education in technology, I have built a strong base in different levels of programming. I can work in a team and have also built a security application for the defence academy of the country. I am looking forward to this job as the organisation’s goals align with my dream and we could do wonders if I get to connect and contribute my skills to your organization. 

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Expert Advice

The experts in the interview industry i.e. the HR and the top management authorities generally advise the following things:

  • Get detailed knowledge about the company.
  • Be thorough about the job roles and responsibilities.
  • Examine your skills.
  • Answer according to the objective of the company.
  • See whether your dreams align with your job’s role and organization’s goal.
  • Be honest.
  • Stay enthusiastic during the interview. 

To answer this question, all you need to know is your dream and your plan for achieving it. It will help you to present your future goals with confidence in front of the interviewer. In order to deliver your answer with enthusiasm in the job interview, you must be prepared with all possible questions and answers. Practice your response and be honest, try to affiliate your dreams with the company’s goals in order to get selected for the job.

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Q.1. What is the best answer to ‘What is your dream company’?

Ans. My ideal company would be one that would provide me with job responsibilities that would allow me to put my qualifications, strengths, capabilities, and skills to good use. I would be able to give my all to assist the organisation in reaching higher business goals and profitability.

Q.2. How do you tell an interviewer “What is your dream job”?

Ans. You can analyze and select your skills that match the job roles and include those in your answer. Besides that, you can also link your answer with the company’s long-term goals to increase your chances of being selected. 

Q.3. What do you mean by a dream job?

Ans. A dream job is one which brings together an activity, talent, or passion with a good pay opportunity. They can be exciting and appealing, such as acting or music, or prominent and financially fulfilling, such as working as a scientist or doctor.

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