Dream of Studying Abroad? The Basics Everyone Must Know

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Fulfilling of study abroad dream for any student is a life-changing moment. After the success of globalisation and with the help of India’s international solid relations student’s studying abroad goal is completely achievable nowadays. But only a few thousand students get admission into foreign universities out of lakhs of applicants annually. Hopefully, now it is clear to the readers that getting into your dream course and the university is not easy like a cakewalk. It requires complete knowledge related to every aspect of the study abroad process with timely efforts. Here in this article, we will discuss the basic criteria must know by every study abroad aspirant.

Course & College Shortlisting

The first task to complete for a study abroad aspirant is course and college shortlisting. Sureshot clarity about the course and college to study will not only give ample clarity to the aspirant even but will further smooth the whole process. It is always advised by the subject matter expert to take sufficient time and finalise the desired course and college after research.

Eligibility Criteria

The next task after the course and college shortlisting is fulfilling all the eligibility criteria required for desired course or program for the university shortlisted by the student. Aspirants before proceeding further make sure that they complete the minimum academic requirement decided by the university for the shortlisted course. 

Language Proficiency Test 

International students who belong to a non-English speaking country need to clear the language proficiency test before applying to any foreign university. They need to fetch the minimum score in the exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Duolingo as decided by the university depending upon the course level (UG or PG) and student’s academic profile. Some universities also waive off the language proficiency test minimum score requirement for students with excellent academic performance mainly in the English subject in their high school or UG.

Statement of Purpose or SOP

A Statement of Purpose is the most valuable document, containing student’s personal statements, and it is mandatorily required as part of the admission procedure of study abroad aspirants programs. A well-written SOP is an extremely significant element during the  admission process. While the academic record and other exam scorecards, academic transcripts and backlog certificates are essentially objective in nature, an SOP is the only truly subjective aspect of your application. 

Letter of Recommendation or LOR 

A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a paper provided by the applicant’s Professor, Project Guide, or Reporting Boss. LOR is written by somebody who is trustworthy to attest to your competence, abilities, knowledge and accomplishments. A well-designed LOR from a strong proponent allows the Admission Officer to get a clearer understanding of your background and to determine if you will be a good candidate for the college.


The first essential document to be ready for studying overseas is the student passport. It is preferred that students who wish to go abroad for higher education begin applying for a student passport as early as possible. To study abroad, one must have a signed, valid passport from the country of citizenship that will not expire for a minimum of 6 months after the planned return date.


The process for applying for a student visa begins after receiving a letter of acceptance from the university. Students after receiving their letter of acceptance are required to go ahead and begin their Visa Application Process. Candidates can apply for their visa via the Online Visa Application process and the Offline Visa Application process. The next step is the Visa application fee payment. Every candidate would be required to pay a student visa fee. The final process would include the student submitting his application process along with supporting documents. In some countries, applicants need to prepare for the visa interview too.


When we talk about studying abroad, its charm and potential for career growth are thrilling. At the same time, heavy budgeting spoils our mood. Every year, numerous deserving and meritorious candidates miss the opportunity to fulfil their study abroad dream due to a lack of funding. Education loans are very crucial factors or we can say the backbone of a middle-class student’s study abroad journey. The good news is that education loans are easily available these days. However, it has been found that because of a lack of awareness and expert guidance, students still failed to get their loan applications sanctioned. It can be a complete hustle alone but under the guidance of professionals from Leverage Finance, you can get your education loan processed easily. 


The preparation for studying abroad journey comes with making many decisions. One such decision is to have clarity regarding where to live, on-campus or off-campus, which can put in dilemma for new students travelling to a foreign country for the first time. On-campus accommodation is the type of accommodation that universities provide in the form of residence halls, dormitories, hostels, etc. It is usually located on the University premises or near it. While off-campus accommodation is the type of accommodation that is not located completely outside the University premises. While selecting the options between on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation applicant should compare both on the basis of the cost of living, amenities provided, privacy, travel, food, personal safety and medical help.


Thousands of universities, and multiple institutions both public and private offer scholarships for international students to study abroad. All of these scholarships are primarily need-based, merit-based, subject-specific, or targeted at minority groups to help them actualise their true potential and support in their endeavour. Finding out the best scholarships can be a taxing process. So it is always recommended to apply as soon as possible to avail of the maximum scholarship.

       If you want to get into your dream course in a high-ranked global university, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need flawless application because the competition is fierce. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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