30 Catchy Voting Slogans in English

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Voting Slogans in English

Voting is a process which allows citizens to choose their country’s leader. It gives them the authority and freedom to elect a representative who they think will bring positive changes, growth, and success to the country. In turn, the elected representatives are accountable for their actions and decisions. In this blog, we have shared some of the best and most catchy voting slogans in English to encourage the youth of the country to cast their vote. 

10 Slogans on Voting

1. Your vote, your voice. Make it count. 

2. Choose your future leader, and make the decision wisely. 

3. Every vote shapes the tomorrow of our country. 

4. Vote for the country’s progress, don’t just complain.

Catchy Voting Slogans

5. Embrace today, shape tomorrow. Use your vote wisely.

6. Election day is your chance to make history.

7. Vote wisely and let your voice be heard.

Catchy Voting Slogans

8. Vote for the right candidate, lead your country to a brighter future. 

9. Together we can build a better future, let’s vote wisely this year.

10. Choose who leads tomorrow, choose whom to vote for today. 

Catchy Voting Slogans

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10 Voting Slogans that Rhyme

  1. Don’t feel shy, cast your vote and let the country’s success fly. 
  2. Don’t delay, cast your vote on election day.
  3. Make the choice, use your votes and let the country’s new leader rejoice. 
  4. Don’t sit idle and tight, do what’s right to make the country’s future bright. 
Catchy Voting Slogans
  1. Don’t delay, make your way to cast polls on Election Day.
  2. Be a part, don’t depart, cast your vote and make a new start.
  3. Raise your voice, make the right choice, and let your vote’s decision rejoice. 
Catchy Voting Slogans
  1. Take a stand, vote for the new leader of your motherland.
  2. Don’t miss your cue, vote now and take part in the change that’s due.
  3. Be bold, be brave, and elect a leader that this land craves. 
Catchy Voting Slogans

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10 Short Slogans for Voting in School

  1. Vote now, vote for a better leader.
  2. Your vote, your choice. Make the right decision.
  3. Make your voice heard, vote for change.
Catchy Voting Slogans
  1. Every student’s vote counts, let your voice be heard.
  2. Shape our school’s future, vote now!
  3. Leadership starts with your vote- make the right decision.
Catchy Voting Slogans
  1. Vote for progress, get more involved in school decisions. 
  2. Be a part of progress, and cast your vote in school elections.
  3. All students unite, vote for what’s right.
Catchy Voting Slogans
  1. Let your vote decide the future of our school.
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What is a political party slogan?

In India, political parties use different slogans to express a particular set of beliefs. 

What is an example of a slogan?

Apart from political parties, slogans are used by brands in their TV commercials as well as product packaging. An excellent example of the same is Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan. 

What is the national slogan of India?

The national slogan of the Indian Constitution is “Satyamev Jayate” or “truth always wins”

Hope you had fun reading these voting slogans in English. For more information about such informative articles, check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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