National Certified Nurses Day 2023

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National Certified Nurses Day

Every year on March 19, Certified Nurses Day honours nurses who have made the decision to advance their professional knowledge by getting a certificate that works as a licence and means that they are certified professionals. In America today, there are more than 3.8 million nurses. It is not only one of the largest professions, but one of the most important and far-reaching in terms of its influence on society. About 200 nursing specialisations and subspecialties exist, did you know? Since the complexity of the medical industry continues to increase, nurses aim for greater patient care and professional competence in their pursuit of certification in one or more of these fields. Let’s express our gratitude and appreciation for the effort these men and women have put forth to get their professional certificates today.

What is Certified Nurses Day? 

Dedicated to nursing professionalism, excellence, acknowledgement, and service Certified Nurses DayTM is an annual day of appreciation for and by healthcare leaders. Employers, certification agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare organisations recognise and publicly honour nurses on March 19 who obtain and maintain the top credentials in their field. The Certified Nurses Day TMM programme recognises nurses from all over the world who have earned national board certification in their field and who therefore improve patient outcomes.

Nurses are the versions of doctors only. As varied as a doctor’s career is a nurse’s. They can become certified in specialisations and subspecialties and specialise in many fields. For the purpose of proving their expertise, knowledge, and ability in a profession, certified nurses study and take certification exams. There are many other disciplines where board certification is possible, such as ambulatory care, clinical nurse specialist, informatics, medical-surgical, nurse practitioner speciality, paediatric nursing, and psychiatric nursing.

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How to Observe Certified Nurses?

Below mentioned are some of the ways to observe certified nurses:

Recognize Efforts Made in Certification

Dedication and self-control are necessary to become a licenced nurse and to pursue speciality certifications. Nursing certification is essential due to the intricacy of the medical field and the knowledge required to provide effective care. Let’s take this opportunity to thank those who have dedicated themselves to providing nursing care of the highest calibre by earning professional certification. We all want to be treated by the most qualified professionals.

Boost Potential Nurses 

Let’s inspire kids to pursue a rewarding career in nursing as we learn more about the nursing profession and the range of advanced training and education it offers today. Individuals searching for a shift in careers might also take into account the diversity and comparatively steady nature of the medical sector. It’s never too late to change directions in your life and work.

Ask Nurses for their Opinions

Hospitals, clinics, and other nursing employers should use this day to survey their staff about how to enhance daily operations and patient satisfaction. Who better to enlist for this invaluable insight than nurses, who serve as the industry’s eyes and ears? It will benefit everyone since staff members value the opportunity to contribute and feel heard when they realise that their ideas have resulted in positive change.

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Why Do We Love Certified Nurses Day? 

Some of the reasons to love certified nurse day are given below:

Our heroes are the nurses. 

One of the most respected occupations is nursing. Because they frequently give care during the most trying times, nurses have a unique perspective on our lives. When it comes to concerns of life and death, heroes appear, and when we consider the times that nurses have taken care of us and our loved ones, they stand out as role models and heroes. Let’s not forget that today’s heroes are the nurses in our life.

We value your professionalism. 

Technology, innovation, and improvements in treatments result in an ongoing change in the medical industry. Nurses are aware that continual education and recertification are necessary to stay current with these rapidly changing circumstances. When our nurses care enough to pursue certification, we as patients can feel more secure and at peace about the treatment we receive.

Nurses should experience our affection

Physically and mentally taxing, the nursing job may be. In addition to a difficult nursing schedule, obtaining or maintaining certifications requires additional time and effort. Today, let’s give nurses the full measure of our admiration, appreciation, and praise to help reduce some of their stress.

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Q1. Why do we celebrate the nursing day in India?

Ans. Nurse day is a special day to honour and celebrate the contributions of nurses all over the world. 

Q2. Who was the first female nurse?

Ans. Florence Nightingale was the first British nurse.

Q3. Who was the first nurse in India?

Ans. Bai Kashibai Ganpat was the first Indian nurse to come for training in India.

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