5 Mothers Day Poems from Daughter

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Mothers Day Poems from Daughter

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration, generally observed on the second Sunday of May. It is a day dedicated to helping our mothers realize how truly special, awesome, and amazing they are. This occasion also acts as a reminder for children to acknowledge and respect the great sacrifices mothers make to keep them happy. From packing their lunch for school to ironing their clothes, cooking meals, doing the dishes, managing a full-time job and taking care of the house, mothers are a miracle. If you want to surprise your mother on this Mother’s Day, here are 5 amazing Mothers Day poems from daughters. 

Inspirational Mother’s Day Poems from Daughter

Poem 1 

In my mother’s strength, I find my own, 

She is a ray of sunshine, a beacon of hope. 

On this Mother’s Day, I honour you,

For the thousand things you have done, and a million blessings you will do. 

With respect and courage, you lead the way,

Inspire me every day, to cross obstacles and make my way.  

Source: Crafts and Kutir

Poem 2

In your arms, I find my peace,

Every hug, ceases my worries.

On Mother’s Day, I want you,

Your love is so pure, oh it is so true.

In highs in lows, you were my guide,

In you and your smile, I find my pride.

On this special day, I express my gratitude,

For being the best, in every attitude.

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Short Mothers’ Day Poems from Daughter

Poem 1

Covered in your love, I find my strength to soar,

With every hug, I feel I’m cherished more.

On Mother’s Day, I celebrate your grace,

For in your arms, I find my safest place.

In the warm of your arms, I found my forever home,

Through ups and downs, you never leave me alone.

With heartfelt gratitude and immense love, I say,

You’re my sunshine my ray of hope in every way.

Source: Saijai Art & Craft

Poem 2 

In your bed-time stories, I find my dear song,

In the solace of your arms, that’s where I belong.

Your face glows, like a ray of light,

To find your love, my heart takes a flight. 

Through silent dreams and secret fears,

You held me close, wiped my flowing tears.

On this special day, my heart sings for you,

You are my guiding star, a love so true.

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Source: Craft Nifty Creations

Funny Mother’s Day Poems from Daughter

Poem 1

In my world, you are the supreme,

A guide in my life, your perfection is a surreal dream.

On Mother’s Day, I’ll attempt to cook,

But hold your horses, the bizarre dish might turn out to be a crook. 

In your big shoes, my small efforts might never fit,

You’re the queen of this home, I admit.

On this special day, I’ll give everything my best,

But let’s be honest, even I might need a rest!

In your dance moves, you’re a sight,

Grooving like nobody’s business, day or night.

On Mother’s Day, I’ll bust a move,

But don’t expect much, I’ve got nothing to prove!

In your jokes, you’re always ahead,

With punchlines that leave us rolling in bed.

On Mother’s Day, I’ll crack a grin,

But please forgive me if it’s a tad too thin!

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