Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Recent Vacation at Manali in a Homestay: Check Samples

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Recent Vacation at Manali in a Homestay

Staying at a homestay in Manali is yet another experience in a student’s life. A place that is nestled in a quiet neighborhood with a charming wooden house and stunning views of the snow-capped mountains refreshes one from a hectic schedule and lifestyle. Waking up to fresh mountain air and birdsong felt magical. The days with relaxing rhythms, leisurely breakfasts in the garden, scenic hikes to ancient temples, and the return home to home-cooked Himachali dinners make one vacation worth it. 

Writing what one has experienced in a letter to a friend is yet another level of excitement. Here we are providing you with three samples on the topic of writing a letter to your friend describing a recent vacation at Manali in a homestay. 

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Sample 1: Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Recent Vacation at Manali in a Homestay 

Sky Rock Ranch Apt.
Village East
Bangalore, Karnataka 

11 January 2023

Dear Swati,
I hope everything is good at your end and must be relaxing after your half-yearly examinations. To bring some experience of refreshments in your tiring days I would like to share with you my experience of vacation in Manali. I know how much you love traveling and therefore decided to share some highlights from my time here.

Exploring Manali and living in a homestay was one of the best decisions I made. Living in a place that is run by a local family instead of a regular hotel is fun. The charming home that I chose to live in was located right on the outskirts of Manali, surrounded by apple orchards and tall decoder trees. Trust me nothing can be more refreshing than the swaying of trees in the mountain breeze. The warmth and care of the hosts of the homestay made me feel like I was visiting my own family.

The days passed at a relaxed pace. In the mornings I would join the family for breakfast with delicious home-cooked food like stuffed parathas or upma that I headed out to explore with the day. Most of the days were spent on long nature walks while viewing the beauty of the place. Along the way I also got the chance to chat with locals of the village, learning about their culture and way of life. It was an eye-opening experience knowing about their simplicity and ground-to-earth behavior. 
Other days I hiked up to mountains, temples, and peaks. The views of the valley were worth sitting and cherishing the true sense of peace. To add to this beauty the misty rain added to the atmosphere. 

The people of the homestay invited me to join in their daily prayers and morning puja at the local Manu temple. Doing the rituals in traditional clothes and explaining the reasons behind it was educating me as an outsider to get insight into their culture and beliefs.

The trip surpassed my expectations in every way. The mountains were undoubtedly beautiful but yes, connecting with local culture and people was more memorable. The generosity of the family and stories will stay in my heart for a long time. I can’t wait to visit this magical place again soon. Let me know if you would ever like tips to plan your trip there.

Missing you here,

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Sample 2: Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Recent Vacation at Manali in a Homestay 

7a, Ahmed Mansion,
Chunam Lane, 
Lamington Road,

18 February 2024

Dear Mohit,
I have just returned from the most refreshing journey to Manali and I could not wait to tell you about it. Usually for our comfort, we stay in hotels but this time I wanted to experience a difference and therefore decided to stay in a homestay, and trust me it was the best decision that I could have made.

Manali is such a charming hill station and is peaceful from the chaos of the city we live in. The views of the mountain are spectacular, with snow-capped peaks and beautiful surrounding valleys on all sides. Every morning I was waking up to the sight of the Sun rising over the mountains and with the sound of birds chirping outside my window.

The homestay I stayed at was in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood and was just a little way from the main market area. The building was made from a traditional wooden house with sloping roofs and cozy well-furnished rooms. The hosts were a lovely family who made me feel at home. The food that they served was simple, traditional, and delicious made with fresh vegetables from their kitchen garden and ground local spices. I was fortunate to be able to talk to them about their life and culture in Manali and trust me it was an experience in itself.

During the daytime, I went sightseeing to places like Hadima Temple, Vashisht Hot Springs, and Naggar Castle. The beautiful temple made me feel that I had stepped back in time. The natural scenery was breathtaking and so refreshing everywhere. The towering mountains, the Beas River flowing through town, and all the trees and orchards were another paradise. 
In the evening, I would sit in the garden with a cup of tea and watch the sunset over the mountains.
The sky was magnificent with shades of orange and purple behind the snowy peak. It was so peaceful and unlike Ursula City, we got used to it.

Trust me Mohit, those 5 days’ stays in Manali went too fast but I returned so recharged. Let me know if you want any details about the homestay. I hope you can plan a trip soon for yourself.


Sample 3: Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Recent Vacation at Manali in a Homestay 

Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Recent Vacation at Manali in a Homestay

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Q.1. How do you write a letter to my friend about vacation?

Ans: To start a vacation letter to a friend, mention the places you have visited. Describe some of the activities, beautiful sights, and experiences that made your vacation memorable. Meanwhile, do not forget to share your excitement and enthusiasm about the trip and the memories made. 

Q.2. How do you write a letter about summer break?

Ans: In a letter about summer break, describe some trips, camps, or relaxing downtime and how you spent your days. Share the highlights of your summer break and what you enjoyed the most. Do not forget to tell how the break from school helped you to get refreshed up and recharged for the new term.

Q.3. What is letter writing?

Ans: Letter writing is a personal written communication between two parties conveying news, thoughts, feelings, or information. Letter writing is an important and meaningful mode of communication.

Q.4. How do you write a letter about how you spent your summer vacation?

Ans: To write a letter about how you spent your summer vacation, describe the beaches and playing soccer nearby. Moreover in another way, you can tell how you visited your grandparents later on in the beautiful city. 

Q.5. How do you start a vacation letter? 

Ans: Start a vacation letter to a friend by opening the letter with “Dear [friend’s name]” and asking how their vacation went. Then launch into describing yours – where you went, what you did, what you saw and experienced. Share the highlights of your trip with them.

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