Speech on Extinction of Rare Species in English for Students

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Speech on Extinction of Rare Species

This page will discuss a speech on extinction of rare species for school students. Today, I want to highlight the urgent issue of rare species extinction. This crisis threatens biodiversity and disrupts ecosystems that support life on Earth. Let’s explore why this matters, the causes behind it, and what we can do to help protect these irreplaceable creatures and their habitats.

3 Minute Speech on Extinction of Rare Species 

‘Good morning, respected teachers and dear friends. Today, I want to talk about something really important: the extinction of rare species. You might wonder why this matters to us, but the truth is, it affects all of us in more ways than we might think. Imagine a world without pandas, tigers, or even some of the colourful birds we see in nature documentaries. It sounds sad, right?

Well, the reality is, that many animals and plants are disappearing at an alarming rate, and if we don’t do something about it, we might lose them forever. Every species plays a special role in its ecosystem, kind of like pieces in a giant puzzle. When one piece is missing, the whole picture starts to fall apart. For example, bees are crucial for pollinating plants. Without them, we wouldn’t have many of the fruits and vegetables we love to eat. So, losing even one species can mess up the balance of nature and affect our food supply.

Human activities are a big reason why species are going extinct. We cut down forests, pollute rivers, and overfish the oceans. Think about the Amazon rainforest, which is home to so many unique creatures. Every day, large areas are being destroyed for farming and logging. This not only harms the animals living there but also affects the global climate.

Let’s take a look at some specific examples. The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered, with fewer than 400 left in the wild. Deforestation and poaching are major threats to their survival. Another example is the vaquita, a small porpoise from the Gulf of California. There are fewer than 10 vaquitas left because they get caught in fishing nets meant for other fish.

You might ask, “Why should I care?” Well, besides being beautiful and fascinating, these species are part of our world’s heritage. They also help maintain healthy ecosystems, which we rely on for clean air, water, and food. Plus, many medical discoveries come from plants and animals. Who knows what future cures we might lose if these species vanish?

So, what can we do to help? First, we can support conservation efforts. This means protecting natural habitats, creating wildlife reserves, and enforcing laws against illegal hunting and trade. We can also make small changes in our own lives, like using less plastic, recycling, and supporting sustainable products.

Spreading awareness is another big one. Talk to your friends and family about why this is important. The more people who know and care, the better chance we have to make a difference. The extinction of rare species is a serious issue that impacts all of us. We have the power to help protect these amazing creatures and the environments they live in. Let’s be mindful of our actions and work together to ensure these species don’t just survive but thrive for generations to come.
Thank you!

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Animals on the Verge of Extinction

Extinction is the complete disappearance of species from the Environment. It occurs when there are no more individuals of that species left alive. Extinction can happen naturally over time, but human activities such as habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change can accelerate the extinction rate. Here is a list of the animals on the verge of extinction.

Name of the AnimalsNumber of Remaining Species
Amur Leopard 100
Asian Elephant50,000
GharialLess than 250
Giant panda1864
Pygmy three-toed sloth100
Sumatran Elephant Ranging from 2,400 to 2,800

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Q.1: What is rare species extinction?

Ans: A species is extinct in the wild when it only survives in cultivation (plants), in captivity (animals), or as a population well outside its established range.

Q.2: How do you explain the extinction of species?

Ans: Extinction occurs when species are diminished because of environmental forces such as habitat fragmentation, climate change, natural disasters, overexploitation by humans, and pollution, or because of evolutionary changes in their members (genetic inbreeding, poor reproduction, decline in population numbers).

Q.3: How rare is extinction?

Ans: Judging from the fossil record, the baseline extinction rate is about one species per every one million species per year.

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