Communism and Gender Equality Speech in English

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Communism is a political ideology in which all the property and resources are owned by the community members, irrespective of gender. Gender Equality, on the other hand, promotes equal access to resources and opportunities for all genders. On this page, we will discuss samples of speech on Communism and Gender Equality to highlight the interconnection between these.

Short Speech on Communism and Gender Equality

Good morning, respected teachers and fellow students. Today I want to talk about Communism and Gender Equality. It is an important social topic that is often overlooked. Communism is a political ideology with collective ownership of all property or other resources. The primary goal is to distribute wealth and resources equitably among all members.

Then there is gender equality, which aims to provide equal rights and opportunities to all genders. When we combine communism and gender equality, we work to create a society that encourages equal distribution of property to all members, regardless of gender. 

Communism and gender equality are linked since the distribution of property among all members ensures that all genders have equal ownership rights. However, this is not the reality, as people continue to look to male members of society for ownership and decision-making power. We as a community and future citizens of our country, must strive together to build an inclusive and better society.
Thank you!

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Long Speech on Communism and Gender Equality

Good morning to all respected teachers and friends. Today I stand before you to discuss two important topics in our society: communism and gender equality. Communism is an ideology that promotes collective ownership of property or wealth resources within a society or family. It removes the gaps between rich and poor people in society.

Gender equality, on the other hand, is a way of providing equal rights and opportunities to all genders. It covers not only rights and opportunities but also the fair treatment of all genders.
In our society, communism and gender equality are closely linked. Gender equality is necessary in communist societies. Gender discrimination causes social inequity, which is not in line with a society that supports collective resource ownership. Discrimination based on gender is an indication of a patriarchal society, which is more male-dominated.

By distributing power and resources equally, communist society sets the groundwork for true gender equality. Gender roles and stereotypes limit opportunities and create difficulties on a societal level. However, in a communist society, everyone is respected for their contribution, regardless of gender. Women and other minorities have equal opportunities to participate in all parts of society. It guarantees the well-being of all citizens with fewer cases of gender abuse and exploitation.

However, to build a truly communist society with gender equality, we must work together as a community. It could pose challenges because the problem is deeply rooted in society, but we, as students, can make a difference in the future of our society. This must begin by learning more about it and following the principles of gender equality and communism every day.

All of this is necessary to create a future society in which there is no gender discrimination and everyone lives with dignity and freedom.
Thank you!

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How to Give a Speech in 5 Easy Steps?

  • Choose your topic- Finalise the topic on which you wish to give a speech. The topic should be of interest to you, and you should be knowledgeable about it. If you have a thorough understanding of a topic, it will be easier to engage the audience.
  • Do your research on the topic– Gather as much information as you can about that topic. However, ensure that your information is accurate and valid and that it is supported by relevant facts and sources.
  • Give an outline to your thoughts- To help organise your thoughts, create a structure for the speech outline beforehand. Otherwise, it would be difficult to deliver the right message at the right time with the right words.
  • Write your speech draft- Create a draft speech and finish it with the necessary changes.
  • Practice and Revise- Rehearse your speech until you feel fluent and comfortable. Pay attention to your tone and body language. Improve where you notice flaws. 


Q.1 Why is communism and gender equality interconnected?

A.1 Communism and gender equality are interconnected because the equitable distribution of property among all members means equal ownership rights for all genders. Gender discrimination creates inequality in society, which is in opposition to a society that values collective resource ownership.

Q.2 Which communities are most impacted by gender discrimination?

A.2 Gender inequality in society shows that it follows the patriarchal system. A patriarchal society, often known as a male-dominated society, is one in which men have more power and authority while women and other minority groups are marginalised.

Q.3 How can individuals contribute to a more inclusive society?

A.3 To build an inclusive communist society that promotes gender equality, we must first educate ourselves about it and follow its principles daily. All of this is necessary to create a future society in which there is no gender discrimination and everyone lives with dignity and freedom.

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