Sharda World School: India’s 1st School Integrating Education with the Five Elements of Nature

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Sharda World School: India's 1st School Integrating Education with the Five Elements of Nature

Making a well-considered school choice is essential, but it can be difficult for many parents. After all, it is one of the most crucial decisions of a student’s life. A student’s personality is shaped by their school’s philosophy, owing to which they become agents of change in the creation of an intellectual and inclusive environment. Sharda World School is one such school that not only is on a mission to develop collaborative and empathic learning but is also India’s first school to merge education with Panchamahabhutas or the five elements of nature. The school’s vision is to raise excellent students and leaders who can inspire and innovate to flourish.

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Name of the SchoolSharda World School
CurriculumCBSE | British Curriculum | Finnish Curriculum
Classes OfferedNursery to Class 12
Type of SchoolDay | Boarding
FacilitiesAC Accommodation | 24X7 Security | Mini Golf Course | Cafeteria with Ayurvedic Meals
Location19 Km Mile Stone, Agra-Delhi Highway, NH-19, Keetham, Agra (UP) – 282007
Contact Details+91-9012 75 9999
[email protected] 

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About Sharda World School 

As a member of the Sharda Group, which was founded in 1995, Sharda World School strives to improve the world by supporting a range of entrepreneurial endeavours in fields including biotechnology, education, healthcare, information technology, startups, engineering equipment, construction, and hospitality.

SWS was named the Best Private School for Educational Excellence state-wise by SA Indian School Awards, 2023, and the “Emerging School in India” award by Business World Magazine just two years after its establishment. It also took home a very distinguished International School Award in the experiential learning category.

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Unique Academic Philosophy of Sharda World School

Being the first school in India to integrate teaching with the five elements of nature is something that SWS takes great pride in. The Panchamahabhutas, or the five components of nature, are the foundation of the learning philosophy. It is a common idea that mastering these five elements is essential to synchronizing our body energies with the boundless reservoir of universal energy and enhancing and harmonizing our interaction with everything. 

All five of these natural aspects are emphasized in SWS’s pedagogy and academic programs, which assist students in harmonizing with these factors. These elements are: 

  1. Bhumi (Earth) – It represents solidity, stability, and grounding
  2. Jal (Water)- Represents fluidity, adaptability, and change
  3. Agni (Fire) – Represents energy, passion and transformation
  4. Vayu (Air) – Represents movement, expansion and communication
  5. Akasha (Space) – Represents consciousness and intuition

All grades are aligned with these five elements of nature. The Space (Akasha) is the basis of all other four elements. It is space that makes everything possible. 

The water element (foundational) corresponds to a class 2 nursery. Academic pedagogy promotes healthy brain growth and development, as it is thought that over 85% of brain development occurs by the age of six. The main things to concentrate on during this developmental stage are creativity, inventiveness, aesthetics, and art, as well as cognitive and thinking abilities.

The next component that is in line with the academic program and pedagogy for grades three through five is the Earth (preparatory). It aids pupils in gaining the stability necessary to develop their physical and mental strength. Students benefit from robust, strong, and resilient behaviour throughout this phase as well as mental and physical exercise. 

The next element is Air (Middle). The Air element is introduced to the young minds after the pupil has mastered the preceding elements. Air is a means of transportation that may travel in any direction and is responsible for awakening curious minds. During this phase, the focus is on evidence-based reasoning, scientific temper, health, and nutrition.

Fire (Secondary) is the final and most crucial element. This component corresponds to grades 9 through 12. The heat produced by human consumption of resources from the environment is symbolized by the element fire. Critical thinking, logical reasoning, citizenship, gender sensitization, and fundamental duties are all focus areas of this phase of education. 


Every learner will attain a condition of harmony both in their surroundings and within themselves by realizing the interdependence and connectivity of these components. The pedagogy of Sharda World School has been developed to promote students’ holistic growth. 

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