GD Goenka Fees for 2023-24

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GD Goenka Fees 2023-24

GD Goenka Group of schools are CBSE-affiliated co-ed schools. The schools offer advanced technology and world-class infrastructure and air-conditioned classrooms. These schools are also Wifi enabled and give importance to the overall development of the student by meticulously maintaining playing fields and sporting facilities. Today, GD Goenka has 150 schools and preschools across India and has become a trendsetter in terms of quality education. Keep reading to know more about the GD Goenka fees for 2023-2024.

Fee Structure 

GD Goenka fees vary in terms of the class the student is studying in. Apart from that, there is a separate registration fees and admission fee charges.

Nursery to Class 10th

The GD Goenka fees for the year  2023-24 from nursery to class 10th is as follows. Do note that the registration fees, admission fees, and annual fees are payable at the time of admission. 

The tuition fees from nursery to class 10th have to be paid quarterly. 

Particulars  Amount Frequency
Registration fee  INR 1000 One time payment 
Annual fees (nursery to  class 9( INR 21,000 Annual payment
Admission fees (nursery to class 9) INR 66,000 One time payment
Total fees  INR 87,175
Class Tuition Fees Examination Fees Digital Learning Fees Total fees
Nursery to KG INR 13,238 INR 1166 INR 1166 INR 15,570
Class 1-3  INR 13,718 INR 1166 INR 1166 INR 16,050
Class 4-5 INR 14,188 INR 1166 INR 1166 INR 16,520
Class 6-7 INR 14,688 INR 1166 INR 1166 INR 17,020
Class 8-10 INR 15,628 INR 1166 INR 1166 INR 17,960

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Class 11 and class 12th

The GD Goenka fees for class 11th and class 12th are different. Here, we have listed the GD Goenka fees for higher secondary classes. The registration fees and the admission fees have to be paid only one time.  Do note that the admission fee for the students from GD Goenka Public Schools will be different from students coming from non-GD Goenka Public Schools.

Particulars  Fees Frequency of Payment
Registration fees INR 1000 One-time fee payment
Admission fees for students from outside  INR 85,000 One-time fee payment
Admission fees for GDGPS students  INR 50,000 One-time fee payment
Annual fees INR 30,000 Annual fee payment
Lab charges As per the subject Quarterly fee payment
Tuition Fees (Claas 11th – 12th) INR 16,500 Quarterly fee payment

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Transportation charges 

The GD Goenka fees for transportation is payable on the basis of distance. The transportation fees have to be paid on a quarterly basis along with the GD Goenka fees for tuition

Details  Amount
Above 20 km INR 8250
15 km- 20 km INR 9570
10 km- 15km INR 10560
5km – 10 km INR 11880
0 km – 5 km INR 12540

Admission Process

GD Goenka school requires students with integrity, energy, curiosity, and a commitment to academic growth. Below is the admission process for the school. 

  • Fill out the online application form and submit the form after attaching all documents.
  • Some of the documents required for admission are the birth certificate or passport, a passport-size photograph of the student, and an academic mark sheet from the previous year. 
  • The next step is to take the admission test and clear the interview assessment. GD Goenka school conducts age-appropriate and curriculum-based tests for every candidate.
  • Based on the above results, admission to a student will be granted.

Things to keep in mind

Below are the important details to be kept in mind while paying the GD Goenka fees.

  • In case of a hike in diesel price, the transportation cost will be increased accordingly. 
  • The admission fee payment has to be made either by cheque or through a demand draft. Cash payment is also allowed.
  • The GD Goenka fees can also be paid by using the school app or can be bank transferred to the account name specified on the official website. 
  • The GD Goenka fees have to be cleared before applying for TC even if the student decides to withdraw the admission in mid-session. 
  • Payment of late fees will mean additional charges. Hence, parents have to make sure that the school fees is paid before the due dates.

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Q.1. What are the monthly fees of GD Goenka?

Ans: The GD Goenka monthly fees vary from one class to the other. For example, the GD Goenka fees annually are INR 20,000. While for classes 11th to 12th, the annual charge is INR 24,000.

Q.2. What is the school fees of GD Goenka Dwarka?

Ans: The GD Goenka Dwarka school requires approximately INR 1.40 lakh to INR 1.60 lakh per annum. The fees vary on the basis of the class the student is enrolled in.

Q.3. Does G.D. Goenka have hostel?

Ans: Yes. Outstation students are given hostel facilities. However, the fees for hostels are charged separately.

GD Goenka is a group of schools that are known for providing quality education and facilities required for a student’s overall development. The admission fees and the registration fees have to be paid one time. However, the tuition charges have to be paid quarterly. To discover more such articles, visit Leverage Edu. 

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