5 Fascinating English Stories For Class 4 

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English stories for Class 4

English Stories for Class 4: As kids start to grow, their mental development starts to occur, and one way to ensure that is by reading them fascinating stories. Such stories not only intrigue them but also aid in overall holistic development. They give them a chance to be creative in their own minds and bring the characters to life. Hence, in this blog, we bring you 5 Fascinating English Stories for Class 4. These stories are fun to read and easy to understand for children. Let us explore them now. 

1. The Cows And The Tiger

Four cows lived in a forest. They were good friends who did everything together. No other predators were able to kill them for food. One day, they fought and decided to graze in different directions. A tiger saw this and decided it would be easy to kill them now. The tiger hid in a bush and killed the cows one by one. 

Moral: There is strength in numbers. 

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2. The Four Students

Four friends who hated studying partied all night before their exams. They asked the Dean to give them a second chance by lying about their whereabouts. They told the Dean they had gone to a wedding the night before, and on their way back, they had a flat tyre, requiring them to push the car all the way back. The Dean agreed to let them take the test again. They studied hard for the exam. On the exam day, they were made to sit in separate classrooms and were given only two questions: Your name Which tyre of the car burst: a) Front left; b) Front right; c) Rear left; d) Rear right 

Moral: You may be smart, but there are smarter people than you. 

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3. The Stork and the Crab 

There once was an old stork who could not catch fish anymore. As he grew hungrier, he devised a plan. He told the fish in the tank that the farmers would soon empty out the tank and grow crops there. He offered to take the distressed fish to a bigger tank further away. The fish happily agreed, but the stork would take them to a rock and kill them. There was also a crab in the tank who wished to be saved. The stork, thinking he could try some new food, agreed to take him. However, the crab quickly noticed the fish bones on the rock. He immediately dug his claws into the stork’s neck and killed him. He then went back to the old tank and informed the other fish. 

Moral: A sharp mind is your greatest strength.

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4. The Camel And The Baby

English Stories For Class 4

Moral: Your strengths and skills are of no use in the wrong place. 

5. The Rabbit and the Partridge

A partridge could not find food near its home, so it travelled far away to some cornfields. It stayed there for a few days before returning home. Meanwhile, a rabbit had found the empty nest and made itself at home. When the partridge returned, they both fought over whose house it was. The other animals suggested going to a judge. They found a praying cat by the river and decided to ask for help. Seeing how the cat was praying, they trusted it. The cat heard them both out but asked them to come closer, as he couldn’t hear well. When they got closer, the cat killed and ate them both. 

Moral: Don’t trust strangers, no matter how friendly they seem. 


Q.1. What is a very short story?

Ans: A very short story is one where the narrative is very small, has a specific plot, and takes only minutes to cover the entire story. 

Q.2. What is the oldest short story? 

Ans: The oldest short story is “The Epic of Gilgamesh”.

Q.3. What is a short story in grade 4?

Ans: Stork, Snake and Mongoose 

A pair of storks live in a nest on a tree in a forest. The snake in the nest under the tree started eating the eggs and babies laid by them. To get out of the problem caused by the snake, a pair of storks thought of a trick. A mongoose lives nearby in a hole in the ground. The storks brought some fish and dropped the fish from the snake’s nest to the hole where the mongoose was living. The mongoose came out of the hole and ate the fish until the snake was born. Meanwhile, the snake came out of the den. As soon as it drowned, it conquered the snake and drove it away. Seeing this scene, the storks were very happy that the snake’s pain was broken. Meanwhile, the storks faced another problem. Every day, the mongoose climbed the tree and started eating the stork eggs.

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