UPES Campus: Facilities, Student Life and Infrastructure

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UPES Campus

UPES Campus: The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies is one of the most prestigious institutions that is built in the most beautiful and vibrant places in the northwestern region of Uttranchal. Built-in the presence of nature, this campus provides the best academic environment and learning space for students. Despite being in the middle of nature, the UPES campus provides access to modern technologies and benefits to its students.

In this blog, we will give you a detailed tour of the UPES campus exploring all its facilities, and amenities. 

UPES Campus

UPES campus is one of the best campuses for students who want to study with nature. The best characteristics of the UPES campus are divided into these categories:


The UPES campus is located in the city of Dehradun. It is the capital city of Uttrakhand, India. UPES campus is built in the serene location of mountains and a pleasant environment. It is provided by the greenery, which promotes the education and personal growth of these students. The background acts as a perfect background for these students. 


UPES features the best infrastructure that is specially designed to fulfill all the basic needs of these students. It contains spacious classrooms with a very comfortable setting for these students. Along with the classrooms, there are well-equipped laboratories for the students. It provides the best facilities for students of different streams like law, design, engineering and many more.

Academic Facilities

UPES campus comprises several academic facilities to enhance the educational experience of these students with the presence of labs, research centers and laboratories. 

  • Libraries- UPES campus has access to all the top books and research papers of different streams provided in the library. Along with the reading material, the libraries provide a comfortable sitting area for these students.
  • Research Centers: UPES also provides fully accessible research centers where students can work on their ideas and innovations that can further help the institute. 
  • Laboratories: Along with the libraries and research centers, the UPES campus consists of functional laboratories that can help the students enhance their practical knowledge along with their theoretical knowledge. 
  • Library: UPES library has a seating capacity of more than 400 students and contains over 73,327 volumes of publications including books, standards, reports, proceedings, and more than 150 national and international journals. It also has a rich collection of online resources in terms of CDs, access to specialised portals on oil and gas and power-related information

Residential Facilities

Other than these academic facilities in the UPES campus, it also has fully equipped modern amenities and hostels for more than 2000 students who are studying in this institute. The residential area provides dorm areas with all the essential amenities like wifi, network connectivity, common rooms, security and a sense of belonging. 

Other than these there are sports complexes, where the hostellers can play their favorite sports in their free time and also a gym with all the required gyming machines to promote the 

physical fitness and well-being of the students. 

  • Hotels: UPES has a separate hostel for boys and girls with a capacity of more than 2000 students at the Bidholi and Kandoli campuses. All the hostels have a wi-fi facility for learning. A common room has been provided in each hostel for relaxation and a 24*7 power backup and solar power water heaters facility is available
  • Cafeteria: The university has a multi-storied food court within the campus, has a number of food courts and cafeterias with a modern ambiance to provide nutritious and balanced meals, snacks, and beverages to students of both campuses
  • Sports Complex: UPES has a multipurpose playground for playing hockey, cricket, football, and other sports with world-class sports facilities and equipment

Student Life

The student life at the UPES campus is not just limited to academic life. It also promotes and includes different aspects of student life including sports centers, gyms, wellness centers and playing areas. 

The life of students on the UPES campus is very comfortable so that these students can focus on their careers and lives.


How many campuses does UPES have?

There are two main campuses of the University of Petroleum and Energy. These are UPES Bidholi and UPES Kandoli.

Out of the two-campus of UPES, which is the main campus?

Out of the two campuses of UPES, UPES Bidholi campus is the main campus of UPES College.

What is the capacity of students living on the UPES Campus?

On the UPES campus, there is living space for over 2000 students and incorporates very classy and modern living experiences for the students.

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