How to Calculate IGNOU Result Percentage?: Complete Guide

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IGNOU Grade Card Calculator

Understanding how to figure out your IGNOU result percentage might seem a bit puzzling, especially with the different grading systems IGNOU uses. The IGNOU Grade card calculator is the only tool you’ll need to solve the puzzle and get an idea of how well you’re doing at IGNOU quickly and easily. This easy-to-use tool can help you anticipate your IGNOU result in 2024, track your progress, and stay ahead of the curve throughout your academic journey. The parts that follow will help you understand step-by-step how your total score on the final test and assignments affects your overall grade. Now let’s look at how to figure out the IGNOU result percentage.

IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2024

Candidates need to have an understanding of the weighted average of the IGNOU grade calculation procedure in order to learn “How to Calculate the IGNOU Result Percentage?”. 70% of the total marks that students get on their Ter-end examination and 30% of the total marks that they receive on their assignments are evaluated in order to figure out the final grades that students receive.

IGNOU Grade Card 2024 Calculator

IGNOU’s way of grading takes into account both your term-end exam scores and your assignment scores. They do it like this:

Term-end Theory Examination70%

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Step-by-Step Guide to Find Your IGNOU Result Percentage

As this is a detailed process, let’s break it down using an example:

  • Step 1: Gather Your Scores

Obtain your term-end exam score (out of 70).
Acquire your assignment score (out of 30).
For example, let’s assume you received 60 marks in your term-end exam and 70 marks in your assignment.

To calculate your IGNOU result percentage, you need to consider the weightage given to assignments and theory exams:

Assignments carry 30% weight.
Theory exams carry 70% weight.
Now, convert your marks to a percentage based on this ratio. To do this:

Calculate your assignment percentage: (Your Assignment Score /100) * 30 = 27

Calculate your theory exam percentage: (Your Theory Exam Score /100) * 70 = 42

  • Step 2: Add Up Your Marks

Add your term-end exam score and your assignment score:

Total Marks = Term-End Exam Marks + Assignment Marks = 69

  • Step 3: Calculate Your Result Percentage

Assuming you have 5 subjects in your IGNOU program, you first need to add up the marks scored in all of your 5 papers. Then divide them by the maximum total marks of those 5 papers:

Result Percentage = (Total Marks in all subjects/ Maximum Total Marks) * 100

Grades System for Percentage 2024

IGNOU has a grading chart that shows your letter grade and how well you did based on your result percentage. The grading chart looks like this:

GradesPercentageQualitative LevelGrades Point
A80% – AboveExcellent5
B60% – 79.9%Very Good4
C50% – 59.9%Good3
D40% – 49.9%Satisfactory2
EBelow 40%Unsatisfactory1

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Useful Tips for Accurate Calculation

  • Double-check your scores for both the term-end exam and assignments.
  • Go over your calculations to make sure everything’s accurate.
  • Remember! This method gives you an approximate result percentage based on the example.

Significance of IGNOU Score Calculation

Calculating your IGNOU result percentage entails the fusion of your term-end exam and assignment performances. By diligently following the steps outlined above, you can gauge an estimation of your result percentage and gain insights into your academic standing. It’s important to recognize that IGNOU’s grading system assesses your holistic performance, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and practical application.


What’s the passing mark for IGNOU exams in 2024?

To pass the IGNOU exams in 2024, you need to score at least 70% in theory and 30% in assignments.

What does the IGNOU grade card calculator consider in 2024?

The IGNOU grade card calculator looks at assignment marks, TEE theory marks, and TEE practical marks.

When will the IGNOU grade card 2024 be available?

You can access the IGNOU grade card 2024 for the July session after the announcement of the IGNOU TEE result 2024.

Will I get the IGNOU grade card 2024 by post?

No, IGNOU won’t send the grade card for 2024 by mail. You have to check it online.

How do I get the IGNOU grade card for 2024?

You can download the IGNOU grade card 2024 using your 10-digit enrollment number and course name on the official IGNOU website.

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