List of 1 Year Courses In MSU Baroda

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Apart from UG and PG courses, there are a lot of other courses that is offered by MSU Baroda. There are multiple short-term 1-year courses that is offered at the MSU Baroda University. The courses are offered in a variety of fields. The admission requirements to these courses vary from course to course. You can grab the details related to the 1 year course in MSU Baroda in the table below. Read Now!

Admission Process

To get admission into the MSU Vadodara University, you can get it done in two ways, one is merit-based and the other is entrance exam-based. Based on your marks in class 12th or if required entrance test conducted by the university or another organization. For more information, you can check out the given section of the article.

Steps to Apply

Below are the steps that you need to follow while applying to MSU Vadodara University.

  • The first step that you need to follow is to go to the official website of the MSU university and fill in the application section.
  • Fill in all the information required in the application form and proceed ahead.
  • Upload all the necessary documents to the official website of the university.
  • Pay the fees as required and proceed ahead.
  • The last and final option is to click on the Submit button.

Admission Documents

Here is the list of the documents that are required to be submitted at the time of admission at the MSU Vadodara University.

  • PAN Card
  • Voter’s ID Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport

1 Year Course In MSU Baroda

There are various courses that are being offered by the MSU Baroda University. 

Sr#CentreCourse NameDurationEligibilityOpening DateClosing Date
1CLLEAuto Cad30 DaysH.Sc./Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
2CLLEAutodesk Revit30 DaysH.Sc./Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
3CLLEAnchor-Host Announcer Workshop15 DaysOpen fo All03-06-202429-06-2024
4CLLE2D and 3D Animation60 DaysOpen fo All03-06-202429-08-2024
5CLLEAstrology and Vastu Shastra70 DaysOpen fo All03-06-202429-06-2024
6CLLEBanking1 YearGradute/Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
7CLLEBeautician30 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
8CLLEBasic Interior Design30 DAysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
9CLLEBonsai15 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
10CLLEBasic Photography Workshop15 daysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
11CLLECreative Arts30 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
12CLLEGST and Customs45 DaysGradute03-06-202429-06-2024
13CLLEComputer Hardware and Networking40 DaysH.Sc./Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
14CLLECafe and Resturant Skills70 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
15CLLEEarly Childhood Care and Education1 YearGradute/Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
16CLLEElderly Care and their Needs30 daysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
17CLLEEvent Management6 MonthsGradute/Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
18CLLEEnglish30 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
19CLLEEntrepreneurship30 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
20CLLEExport and Import Management6 MonthsGradute/Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
21CLLEFood and Beverage Production6 MonthsS.Sc./Basic Knowledge of English03-06-202429-06-2024
22CLLEFashion Designing1 YearHSC Basic Knowledge of Stitching03-06-202429-06-2024
23CLLEFancy and Healthy Cooking15 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
24CLLEFinancial Management1 YearGradute/Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
25CLLEFront Office Management6 MonthsS.Sc./Basic Knowledge of English03-06-202429-06-2024
26CLLEFrench30 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
27CLLEGreen Buildings6 MonthsEngineering relevant Graduate or Diploma with 3 Years Experience03-06-202429-06-2024
28CLLEGraphic Designing and Advertising45 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
29CLLEGerman for Beginners30 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
30CLLEHospital Administration & Management1 YearGraduate/Diploma/Homeo/Ayur03-06-202429-06-2024
31CLLEHealth and Fitness Management6 MonthsH.Sc./Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
32CLLEHotel Management and Catering Services1 YearS.Sc./Basic Knowledge of English03-06-202429-06-2024
33CLLEHuman Rights6 MonthsH.Sc./Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
34CLLEHuman Resource Management6 MonthsGradute/Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
35CLLEInterior Design1 YearH.Sc./I.T.I./Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
36CLLEIndustrial Health6 MonthsM.B.B.S. with MCI Registration + 1 Year Industry Experience or 2 Years Other Experience03-06-202429-06-2024
37CLLEImitation Jewellery Making15 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
38CLLEIndustrial Purchasing and Material Management1 YearGradute/Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
39CLLEMusic Appreciation and its Therapeutic use15 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
40CLLEMicrosoft Office15 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
41CLLENon-Government Organization (NGO)6 MonthsGradute/Diploma/Experience03-06-202429-06-2024
42CLLEPersonality Development30 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
43CLLERight to Information Act15 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
44CLLESpoken Sanskrit30 DaysS.Sc.03-06-202429-06-2024
45CLLETally30 DaysH.Sc./Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
46CLLETraining Day Care Personnel6 MonthsH.Sc./Diploma03-06-202429-06-2024
47CLLETourism and Travel1 YearH.Sc.03-06-202429-06-2024
48CLLEWeb Graphics and Animation60 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
49CLLEYoga, Accupressure and Nature Care30 DaysOpen for All03-06-202429-06-2024
50CLLEYoga Teacher Certificate Course6 MonthsH.Sc.03-06-202429-06-2024
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What is the package of MSU Baroda?

The average package offered to the UG students of MSU Baroda is about Rs. 5.40 Lakhs.

What is MSU Baroda famous for?

MSU Baroda is famous for a variety of things like good faculty, decent placement records, and more.

What is the fee structure of MSU Baroda?

The fee structure for the courses at MSU Baroda varies from course to course at the university.

This was all about the “1 Year Course In MSU Baroda”. For more such informative blogs, check out our Indian University page.

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