How to Prepare for UPESMET 2023

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UPESMET is organised as per the guidelines of the UPES Business School. The candidates are required to do the UPESMET preparation in time for the exam. To prepare the complete syllabus in time the students often require a strategy to prepare the topics that are easy and the topics that are difficult. The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun follows a set exam pattern for the UPESMET exam for students to get admission to BBA and MBA programs. Here is a detailed discussion on how to prepare for UPESMET 2023. 

Name of the ExaminationUPES Management Entrance Test 
Organising body The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Exam Duration 2.5 Hours
Level of ExaminationNational 
Frequency of ExamMultiple times in a year
Application feeINR 1,350
Number of Questions140 
Type of QuestionsMCQ
Total Marks140
Mode of ExaminationOnline (From Home)
Official Website

UPESMET Exam Preparation Overview 

This management entrance test is an evaluation of the applicant’s aptitude for Management studies programs that are offered by the University. UPESMET Preparation should be done accordingly. The candidates should not only learn for the examination but learn to think like leaders managing programs and what skills they would need to possess. The candidates have to be quick-witted, diplomatic, and better at solving problems and analysing information. 

The syllabus is designed for the same but the mistake a candidate generally makes is to straightaway start practising questions. It is advisable to give a day or two to invest time in understanding the UPESMET syllabus topics and what is their purpose in the management exam. Then, developing a UPESMET preparation strategy and timetable is beneficial. The difficulty level of this management entrance exam is Moderately Difficult. 

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How to Prepare for UPESMET?

To prepare for the UPESMET Exam the candidate should start preparing 3 months earlier. At first, the preparation should be concerned more with getting to know the topics. In the second month, the candidates should focus on solving more and more questions to increase familiarity & understanding of questions and increase speed. In the third month, the student should solve complete sample papers, mock tests and the previous year’s question papers. 

There are four major disciplines to prepare namely; English, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and Analytical & Logical Reasoning. It is not necessary that the candidate spends equal time on each of them but the candidates for sure have to ensure that their preparation for each section is complete. Here are some general tips to prepare for the UPESMET Exam.

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Tips to Prepare for the UPESMET Exam

  1. First and foremost to know the detailed UPESMAT Syllabus and UPESMET Exam Pattern. This is essential to let the preparation be streamlined and not go haywire with unnecessary details or missing out on an important topic. 
  2. The applicant should take some time and create a flowchart and strategy for UPESMET Exam preparation. 
  3. Include time for all topics in the preparation. Candidates might miss out on the topics that they feel they already have information on, this should be avoided as it requires more than just learning to pass an exam, it requires speed and accuracy which comes with practice. 
  4. It is also advisable to not refer to too many books for preparation. The candidates can practice more sample papers instead of that. Too many books may lead to confusion and investing too much time in just one subject. 
  5. It is advisable to go through revisions regularly so that the solution tricks and formulas always stay on the top of the student’s mind. 
  6. It is also essential to maintain a healthy diet and sleep routine to avoid falling ill and stress or other problems at the time of examination.

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Section-Wise UPESMET Preparation Strategy 

The section-wise UPESMET preparation strategy consists of tips and things to remember that are specific to each section of the syllabus. 

UPESMET Preparation for English Section

The English section covers grammar and comprehension questions of the examination. The specific tips to ace your score in UPESMET English Section are mentioned hereunder. 

  1. Start by Reading. It is advisable to start preparing by reading different paragraphs for comprehension. This helps in improving grasping skills and understanding large paragraphs quickly, it also benefits the vocabulary by encountering new words. 
  2. Read multiple genres. The candidates should develop a reading habit with different genres of reading. It helps in a quick understanding of the paragraphs and also changes the context of reading quickly between different questions in the exam.
  3. Use grammar books. The best way to improve grammar is to practice it. The candidates should practice editing  & omission exercises with other topics of grammar. 
  4. Be Consistent. Practising English might seem lethargic to people who are already good at the language. To avoid boredom, it is better to practice English daily for very short durations and inculcate the practice in daily chores. 
  5. Improve Speed. Candidates can save time by increasing their speed of solving the English section. They will have more time to go through other sessions that require solving questions. 

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UPESMET Preparation for General Awareness Section

The general awareness section is also an important part of the examination. It evaluates how updated the students are with the changing world and its scenarios. Some important tips to prepare for the General Awareness section are given below. 

  1. Always know more. One can never know enough to know it all, therefore all applicants must equip themselves with current affairs and general knowledge through different sources. Use books, TV, Social Media, Newspapers, Magazines or any other more entertaining way of gaining information.
  2. No thinking. This section mainly has questions that you either know the answer to or not, there is nothing in between. Therefore the candidates should save time here by answering quickly and thinking less. 
  3. Cover all topics. From science to media, business and climate change the candidate must stay updated with everything that is the talk of the town. 
  4. Daily Practice. This section also has to be practised daily like the English Section. This reduces the burden of learning all at once and also decreases the chance of missing out on any information. 
  5. Revision. Revision helps in reducing the risk of getting stuck on a question in the exam that one might think they know but do not remember properly. It keeps the knowledge fresh.

UPESMET Preparation for Quantitative Aptitude Section

To prepare well for the quantitative aptitude section in the UPESMET exam one must follow a strict personalised learning pattern and strategy. This is a check of the problem-solving skills of the students and hence needs more time both in preparation and exam.

  1. Formula first. Learn all important concepts and tricks for solving questions from this section at the start of preparation. 
  2. Make notes. The students should then proceed to solve problems of the different kinds available in the practice books and make notes of every exceptional question when they encounter
  3. Learn Shortcuts. Devising simpler methods and learning shortcuts to solve a typical type of problem will help the students in saving time and understand the core of the problem. 
  4. Practice all questions. The major focus of the UPESMET exam preparation should be on solving more and more questions. That is the only way of improving precision and accuracy. 
  5. Take a break. It will be less tiring to practice these questions in combination with other sections of the exam. The student should keep this in mind while preparing the UPESMET preparation timetable.

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UPESMET Preparation for Analytical and Logical Reasoning Section

Testing the critical thinking and decision-making skills of the students is a core ingredient in every Management entrance examination. This is also a contributor to their managerial skills and should be attempted carefully. Basic tips for the Analytical and Logical Reasoning section are listed below. 

  1. Practice papers. Questions based on Analytical Data, Venn Diagrams, Syllogism, Coding-Decoding, Statements and Puzzles can be perfected only through practice. 
  2. Understanding the Questions. While going through the tests and questions students often straightaway focus on understanding the answers. However, it is good practice to understand the question first to get a clear idea about the answer expected. 
  3. Separate practice. Practising questions from each section separately first and then practising the section together is the best way to prepare this section. This will help the students understand the relationship between a question and an answer in a better way. 

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Best Books to Prepare for UPESMET 

There are separate books to prepare for each section of the UPESMET Exam. The list of section-wise best books to prepare for the UPESMET Exam is given below. 

Best books for UPESMET English Section 

Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
General EnglishArihant Publications
High School English GrammarWren & Martin

Best books for UPESMET General Awareness Section 

Manorama YearbookManorama Yearbook
NewspapersThe Hindu, Indian Express, ToI
General KnowledgeLucent Publications

Best books for UPESMET Quantitative Aptitude Section 

The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive ExaminationsDinesh Khattar
Maths class XI and XIIthNCERT
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsAbhijit Guha-McGraw-Hill Education

Best books for UPESMET Quantitative Aptitude Section 

Verbal and Non-Verbal AptitudeRS Aggarwal
Short-cuts in reasoningDisha Publications
A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal & AnalyticalArihant publications

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UPESMET Practice Test & Sample Papers

The UPESMET Practice tests and Sample Papers offer a valid and precise way for the candidates to evaluate themselves on the practised questions. Students should take as many mock tests as possible but solving at least 15 mock tests before the examination can help the candidates improve their scores. 

The candidates can discover their weak areas in time and also know the scope for improvement. It also helps in analysing the required time management to complete the examination. It also helps candidates in going through various difficulty levels available for the test.  


How difficult is UPESMET Exam?

The UPESMET Exam is moderately difficult. With proper preparation, the candidates can crack the exam on the first attempt. 

How many times is UPESMET Exam conducted in a year?

The UPESMET exam is conducted multiple times a year by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. 

What is a good score in UPESMET Exam?

A percentile of 90% or above in qualifying examinations such as MAT, NMAT or UPESMET is considered a good score for the MBA course at UPES University. 

The university has attained 41st rank by the NIRF ranking by MHRD in the department of Management programs. It is an aspiration for many students to get enrolled in the MBA Program of UPES. For more updates check out our Indian Exams page, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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