PU BA LLB Mock Test 📋: Tips and Benefits

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PU BA LLB Mock Test

PU BA LLB Exam Mock Test: If you are preparing to appear in the LLB entrance exam of Panjab University and want to get shortlisted for admission, then you have to prepare well for the exam. Just covering the syllabus and reading authentic books will not help you until you practice well. Mock tests can assist students in gaining a basic concept of the exam’s format and question types, allowing them to be better prepared for the real exam.

Regularly solving questions of the PU BA LLB Mock Test will help you to understand the exam pattern, subject-wise weightage and more. Also, you can have a fair idea about your preparation as you can do self-evaluation.

PU BA LLB Mock Test

To solve the questions of the entrance exam, first, you need to have a fair idea about the exam pattern and topics. Mock tests are practice papers that are prepared purely based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus of the respective examination. This helps candidates to make up their minds and do the required preparation.

How to Attempt PU BA LLB Mock Test?

There are several EdTech platforms offer paid or free mock tests so that students can download and practice. Also, you can try sample questions for practice.

Benefits of PU BA LLB Exam Mock Test

Candidates intending to appear for the upcoming PU BA LLB Exam 2024 in the month of April Month, should add mock tests to their preparation strategy. Solving mock tests can be beneficial for students in numerous ways, such as: 

👉 Decent Idea About Exam- Solving mock tests can help candidates get an idea about the exam patterns. This small thing will help candidates to plan their preparation.

👉 Habit of Solving Questions- Students will get better equipped at solving challenging questions. This way, one can be prepared for questions that may seem out of the box or unprecedented. 

👉 Understanding About Types of Questions- Solving mock tests will give students a solid idea about the types of questions that may be asked during the real exam. 

👉 Improved Time Management Skills- Solving mock tests will also help you improve your time management abilities, which will be useful during the real exam. 

👉 Best Tool for Self Evaluation- Solving mock tests will help candidates identify their own shortcomings and help them rectify those areas. 

Tips to Solve Mock Test 

Below, we have mentioned some of the tips to solve the mock test of the law entrance exam. Considering the exam’s difficulty level lies in the range between moderate to tough, it is necessary to follow a comprehensive study plan. We have selected and compiled some of the best preparation tips to assist you in your preparation. 

  1. Syllabus Analysis– Note down the topics of the exam and categorise them as easy and hard topics to understand.
  2. Solve Relevant Questions- Candidates must solve as many mock tests, sample papers and previous year question papers as possible.
  3. Study Plan is Required- A comprehensive study plan will help one save time and energy, resulting in more focused preparation sessions. 
  4. Choose Authentic Study Material- It is imperative for one to refer to the best available preparation sources in the market. One must always purchase books that renowned authors write, are updated and comprise relevant information. 
  5. Create Notes– Candidates can inculcate the habit of making notes to remember information better. 
  6. Revision is Key to Success- Revision is a must during preparation sessions. It will only enhance one’s understanding of topics and subjects. 

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What are the advantages of solving PU BA LLB exam mock test?

There are major advantages that you can get by adding mock test in your preparation strategy. Some of them are mentioned below:
👉Understanding of Exam Pattern, Syllabus and Topic-wise weightage.
👉Confidence Boost
👉Better Time Management
👉Improved skills for solving problems.

What is the cut-off for the PU LLB entrance exam?

The cut-off marks for General Category students is 65.292, 52.325 for SC candidates and 60.3 marks for BC/GEN students. 

Is there a negative marking in the PU BA LLB entrance exam?

Candidates attempting the PU BA LLB Exam must carefully answer the questions as there is a negative marking for every erroneous response. Incorrect answers will result in a deduction of 0.25 marks.

How many questions are asked in the PU BA LLB Entrance Exam? 

The PU BA LLB Questionnaire comprises 100 objective-based questions. Candidates need to choose the correct answer.

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