How To Prepare for the CLAT Exam? Tips and Tricks for Success

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You were wondering about how to get admission to top Indian law schools. You are at the right place. Here we have shared the entire CAT selection process in detail. With over 70,000 yearly competitors for 22 National Law Universities securing a seat might seem near to impossible. Yet, with consistency, cracking the exam is possible. This blog guides you through essential tips and tricks to assess your preparation levels and achieve high marks in the upcoming law entrance exam. 

Subject Questions Marks
English Language28 – 32 questions28 – 32 marks
Current Affairs including General Knowledge35 – 39 questions 35 – 39 marks
Quantitative Techniques (Elementary Mathematics)13 – 17 questions 13 – 17 marks
Logical Reasoning28 – 32 questions28 – 32 marks
Legal Reasoning 35 – 39 questions35 – 39 marks
Total Marks120 questions120 marks

Right Time to Start the CLAT Exam Preparation?

Begin CLAT 2025 preparation ideally in the 11th grade, although success is possible starting in the 12th grade. Experts recommend starting 5-6 months before the exam for ample preparation time. Early initiation means practising previous CLAT papers, extensive revision, and identifying mistakes. The CLAT exam demands skill development hence, dedicating more time increases understanding. However, consistency and a strategic approach are key to success regardless of when you start. 

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Understanding Exam Pattern of the CLAT Exam 

The exam pattern for CLAT 2024 has been made official by the Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs). The latest  exam pattern is mentioned below:

  • CLAT 2024-2025 will show a reduction to 120 questions, aligning with a total mark count of 120.
  • The exam will persist in the Pen and Paper mode, as confirmed in the latest consortium notification.
  • The duration of CLAT 2024-2025 remains constant at 120 minutes.
  • The shift in the CLAT pattern showcases the importance of strong reading abilities and inferential reasoning skills.
  • The CLAT exam will consist of passages (450-500 words) with 5-6 questions, emphasizing the need for efficient reading and comprehension.
  • Candidates must aim to complete the exam within the given time frame while maintaining 100% accuracy.

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How To Prepare for CLAT Exam: Section-Wise

Here we have mentioned some of the tips and tricks to crack the CLAT Exam:

  • Start your CLAT English journey by developing a reading habit, focusing on newspaper editorials for diverse content. Reading from sources like Aeon Essay can help increase your language proficiency. 
  • Start CLAT Maths by focusing on foundational concepts. Also, focus on Data Interpretation (DI) sets to build problem-solving skills. 
  • No prior legal knowledge is necessary to understand the subject of legal reasoning. Understanding common legal jargon suffices. 
  • Start Logical Reasoning by understanding key concepts like assumptions, conclusions, and various question types. Utilize reliable resources like GMAT Club for practising challenging questions. 
  • Develop a daily newspaper reading habit, focusing on The Hindu and The Indian Express. Understand the context and significance of events rather than memorizing dates. 

Five-Step Preparation Strategy for the CLAT Exam 

Here’s a 5-step strategy for effective  CLAT Exam preparation :

  1. Tailor your study plan based on your priorities and available study time.
  2. Create a daily task table with 5 to 7 specific tasks.
  3. Break down study sessions into specific topics, book names, and page numbers.
  4. Incorporate the best CLAT books and study materials into your plan.
  5. Maintain a daily log of tasks and mark them as completed.

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Tips to Prepare for CLAT Without Coaching

If you wish to crack the CLAT exam without coaching, follow the below-mentioned approach:

  • Analyze the CLAT syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly to know the subjects and topics to focus on.
  • Stick to recommended books and resources suggested by toppers.
  • Develop a well-structured study plan with dedicated time for each subject. 
  • Explore free YouTube videos designed for CLAT preparation. 
  • Practice CLAT mock tests regularly to improve speed and accuracy.

Last Minute Preparation Tips For CLAT Exam

Here we have stated the last-minute preparation tips for the CLAT Exam:

  • As the CLAT exam approaches, avoid collecting new information and rather revise known concepts. 
  • Skip mock tests in the last days to reduce anxiety and practice with previous years’ papers for revision. 
  • Develop an exam-centric approach, considering the order of sections to manage time effectively during the exam. 
  • Prioritize fixing your sleep cycle to ensure you are well-rested for the morning exam. 
  • For the Legal Aptitude section, revise all concepts a day before and create flashcards for quick recall. 
  • In English, read passages to relax and refresh concepts, avoiding new material. 
  • Stay updated on General Knowledge, and Mathematics, maintain a calm mind, and create shortcuts for efficient problem-solving. 
  • Finally, treat Logical Reasoning as a game to reduce stress while reviewing previous revisions.

Top CLAT preparation books typically include :

SubjectsBest Books
Legal Research and PublicationsLexisNexis
Current Affairs and General KnowledgeManorama Year Book
Reasoning and Logical AbilityAnalytical and Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
Indian Polity and GovernanceIndia Year Book
Vocabulary BuildingWord Power Made Easy
Verbal ReasoningVerbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
Analytical ReasoningAnalytical Reasoning by MK Pandey
Legal Publications and ResourcesButterworths

CLAT Previous Year Question Papers

The CLAT previous year’s question papers serve as guiding lights for aspirants, offering invaluable insights into the exam pattern and question types. Students can download the previous year’s question papers from the below links:


Which section is easy in CLAT?

No section is said to be easy; it varies based on individual strengths. Candidates often find success by focusing on their strongest section first.

Which section should I do first in CLAT?

Start with your strongest section to maximize your score. It boosts confidence and ensures you secure as many marks as possible.

What are the 5 sections in CLAT?

CLAT includes English, Mathematics, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge sections.

How can I prepare for CLAT on my own?

Self-preparation involves creating a study schedule, understanding the exam pattern, practising previous papers, and seeking guidance from reliable study materials. 


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