How to Become a Ruby Developer in India?

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Becoming a Ruby on Rails developer is no big deal. The syntax is simple English. Thus, any person who understands and writes the grammar can undertake the profession of a Ruby developer. The craze in the market for a web developer is huge. Especially for MVPs and prototype development, Ruby on Rails developer is a huge advantage as a career in the web developer genre. Individuals with exposure to Ruby can also become data scientists. Read on to know more about becoming a Ruby Developer in India.

Back-end web applicationRuby on Rails
Genre of professionWeb developer
Special utility of the languageMPVs and Prototype development
Ease of learningBeginner-friendly language and framework
Average Median salary$138,496 (INR 114.31 Lakhs per annum)

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What is a Ruby Developer?

A Ruby Developer is a web developer in the programming language Ruby. However, Ruby on Rails is a back-end web application that runs on Ruby. Thus a Ruby on Rails developer has to understand Ruby very well as the back end runs completely on Ruby. a Ruby on Rails developer can also be called a Ruby developer.

What Does a Ruby Developer do?

A Ruby developer uses the Ruby on Rails interface to write codes. These codes run on this interface to create web applications and mobile interface applications. A Ruby on Rails developer can also be called a web developer or a front-end developer or a lead developer and can be categorized under a software engineer.

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Skills Required

There are a host of skills that are required for a Ruby developer to possess or develop while taking a degree in software engineering or later.

  • Understanding of the programming syntax of Ruby.
  • Understanding of Ruby as an OOP.
  • Skills to be able to add to the Ruby library: distinct, functional, and reusable codes.
  • A knack to develop clean and readable Ruby code.
  • A clear understanding of concepts MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful.
  • Knowledge of embedded databases.
  • Proficient in code versioning tools such as GitHub.

These are the working skills of the Ruby developers. However, organizational skills are also important for getting into the world of web development. Organizational skills allow the developers to communicate and work in teams, whether agile or hierarchical.

Difference Between Ruby Developer And Ruby On Rails Developer

A Ruby developer is a person or a professional who does web programming using the programming language Ruby. This particular language has been used to create a web application to enable the server end of the websites developed with Ruby. this web application is called Ruby on Rails. Essentially, a Ruby developer maintains the front-end programming hassles while a Ruby on Rails developer sits with the back-end IT issues relating to the server.

Steps to Becoming a Ruby Developer in India

There are six steps to becoming a Ruby developer in India.

  • Step 1: Get the requisite UG degree.
  • Step 2: Upskill oneself.
  • Step 3: Go for a certificate course or an internship based on Ruby.
  • Step 4: Check for Job Descriptions of a Ruby developer.
  • Step 5: Build an impressive CV or Resume.
  • Step 6: Apply for a Ruby developer job.

Career Graph for a Ruby Developer in India

A particular set of educational qualifications, skills, and training is required to be a professional Ruby developer in India. An educational qualification that is a minimum requirement for this profession is an undergraduate degree. This can be either in engineering or any degree relating to computer science. This allows the professional to be equipped with the world of web development from an educational point.

The next necessary step is to either go for masters selecting web development in Ruby as a major. While this can be also compensated with a professional certificate course or professional training, this step is indispensable. Internships are also recommended during this period of time. It exposes the students to the real-life hassles of the Ruby developers working with the Ruby on Rails developers. The strong base builds the student into a great candidate who can apply for jobs and come out of interviews with flying colours.

While applying for the jobs, the professionals must remember that the Ruby developer will be a part of the web development team. The various projects however will dictate the utility of the professional whether in the back end or front end. There is a huge scope for a Ruby developer to find fitting employment provided the hold on the language is proven by a certificate. 

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Top Ruby Development Courses in India

Any person with a bachelor’s degree in computer science can become a Ruby developer in India. Also, engineers can also apply for becoming a Ruby developers. However, some professionals take special certificate courses from some online coaching institutions to specialise in this programming language. This is because Ruby is not focused on most of the prestigious and mid-famous colleges of the country. Thus, these are the few online certificate courses that you can take for learning Ruby or Ruby on Rails.

Training InstituteTraining Mode
Elegant IT Services, BangaloreOnline and Classroom
Senelda – Leading IT Academy Training, ChennaiClassroom
SoftwareLogic, PondicherryClassroom
Amaravathi Finishing School, GunturOnline and Classroom
PSP Technologies Private Limited, ChennaiOnline and Classroom
Orien IT, HyderabadClassroom
Sivasoft Online Training Course, HyderabadOnline and Classroom
EbessCorp, DelhiClassroom
Technnovation Labs, PuneClassroom
TestBuds, BangaloreClassroom

Eligibility Requirements

To learn Ruby or Ruby on Rails, a person has to have basic knowledge of programming. That is the reason why most training institutes require a degree in computer science or engineering to admit a person to their training courses. There is no particular entrance examination for this course as the courses are delivered in private training institutions.

Future Scope

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for computer programmers will have a simultaneous decrease with an increase in employment. The decrease will be by 10% at the end of 2030 from 2020 while there will be an average of 9,700 job openings in the US. Thus, while it is an opportunity for newcomers into this line of work, it can be a stand apart decision for the people who have already been in this profession. However, other sources say that the career is going to elevate by 13% by 2028 creating almost 20,900 new jobs across the US.


The salary of a Ruby on Rails developer in India ranges between INR 2.1 to 13.8 Lakhs per annum. The average median salary is however INR 5.2 L.P.A.

Top Recruiters

Very specific recruiters look for Ruby developers because there is a very narrow need for these professionals. However, the areas where these professionals are required are rarely filled by any other specialities. Thus, the most unconventional companies take in Ruby developers with some proven names in the industry.

  1. Bloomberg Jobs
  2. AT&T Jobs
  3. CyberCoders Jobs
  4. GEICO Jobs
  5. CVS Health Jobs

There is a lot less competition in the market for Ruby developers. So this is a great time to take advantage and turn over your career. As easy as the language and its interface is, one still has to have the requisite eligibility criteria to be able to hold a profession as a ruby developer or a ruby on rails developer.


Q1. What is the salary of a Ruby developer in India?

Ans. The salary of a Ruby on Rails developer in India ranges between INR 2.1 to 13.8 Lakhs per annum. The average median salary is however INR 5.2 L.P.A.

Q2. How do I become a Ruby developer?

Ans. The first step to becoming a Ruby Developer is to allow the theories learned in Bachelor to set in. The best bachelor’s degree suitable for this carer would be an engineering degree or a degree in Computer science. It is during the UG course that a student can master the language as a part of the languages that are being taught at the University or college. Students preparing to be professionals in the Ruby programming language can either be independent programmers in the Ruby programming platform or the Ruby on Rails platform. Coding skills should also be developed over time. The professionals should then get certified and search for jobs that suit the requirements of their careers.

Q3. Are Ruby developers in demand?

Ans. The Ruby on Rails platform is relevant for processes like MVPs and the development of prototypes. However, there had been a lot of issues when this programming language came up. As a result of those issues, the programming language now gets a lot less demand and the demand channels are concentrated on MVPs and prototype development.

Q4. Is Ruby coding hard to learn?

Ans. The computer programming language Ruby makes it very easy to learn the language as the language is very similar to the English language. This makes the language great for any ruby developer to learn and execute.

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