Best Books for UPSC Optional Psychology 📖: PDF Available👇

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Best Books for UPSC Optional Psychology

Hello, Students, I am Professor Owl 🦉, and today I will help you with the best books for UPSC Optional Psychology. In today’s times, psychology has become very popular for many reasons around the world. Hence, Psychology has become a popular choice for optional subject for students who are appearing for the UPSC exam. 

To prepare for the exam, there are some of the materials that a candidate has to choose from including some of the best books available for the preparation of the exam. So, keep scrolling for some of the best books for UPSC Optional Psychology. 

Best Books for UPSC Optional Psychology- Paper 1🎓

Many subjects in Psychology subjects are covered in the UPSC exam, Methods of Psychology, Attention and Perception, and Therapeutic Approaches. 

Some of the best books for UPSC Optional Psychology are: 

BooksAuthor NameLink
Introduction to PsychologyMorgan & KingClick Here
Systems & Theories Krawiec & ChaplinClick Here
Social Psychology Baron & ByrneClick Here
Statistics for PsychologyAron, Aron, CoupsClick Here
Tests, Measurements and Research Methods in Behavioural SciencesA K Singh – Bharti Bhawan PublicationsClick Here

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📗Best Books for UPSC Optional Psychology- Paper 2

As said, there are 2 papers in the UPSC Optional Psychology exam. Here are some of the best books for psychology subject for Paper 2:

BooksAuthor NameLink
Applied PsychologySmarak SwainClick Here
Research BookAK SinghClick Here
Theories of PersonalityHall & LindzeyClick Here
Social Psychology TextbookBaron and BranscombeClick Here
PsychologyCiccarelliClick Here
NCERTs 11th and 12thNCERT

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Which book is best for Psychology optional?

There are many books like Cognitive Psychology 2nd Edition, Theories of Personality and Applied Psychology 3rd Edition.

Is psychology a good option for UPSC?

Yes, Psychology is one of the most important subjects in the Optional Psychology course.

Which is the best psychology course book?

One of the best psychology coursebooks for students is Psychology XI & XII Std, Introduction to Psychology by Morgan & King, Systems & Theories of Psychology by Krawiec & Chaplin, and Psychology by Morgan and King.

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