What is the Full Form of PCT?

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PCT Full Form

The full form of PCT is Patient Care Technician. It is one of the key areas of the medical sector. If someone wants to learn the material and use it in the future, they must pass an exam. Patient care technicians are paraprofessionals who assist medical professionals in taking care of patients. 

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Qualifications and Eligibility for PCT

There are requirements for eligibility for the PCT exam. The first step is holding a high school diploma that was earned within the last five years. A training examination is also required, which includes a solid knowledge of the relevant sciences and one year of supervised experience within the previous three years.

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Questions Covered in PCT Course

  • 48 questions on Patient Care
  • Ten Questions on Safety
  • 5 questions on Professional Responsibilities
  • 4 questions on Infection Control
  • 23 questions on Phlebotomy
  • 10 questions on EKG Monitoring

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Skills Required to Become Patient Care Technician

  • Patience: Extreme patience is needed to provide care. Even while it can be mentally taxing, it constantly calls for great composure.
  • Physical Stamina: Like many other medical professionals, you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet. Physical labor (such as transferring patients, cleaning, feeding, and/or washing patients or residents) will be some of the tasks.
  • Compassion: Compassion goes a long way in a vocation where you’re taking care of the sick, injured, and elderly.

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