What is the Full Form of HCF and LCM?

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The full form of HCF and LCM is Highest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple. The biggest number that divides all the given numbers is obtained using the HCF when there are two or more numbers. Therefore, it is also known as GCD, or Greatest Common Divisor. The least-positive-number method, on the other hand, is used with two or more integers to determine the least positive number that can be divided by all the other numbers without leaving any remainder. 

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Examples of HCF and LCM

There will never be a number where the HCF is bigger than any other number. However, the LCM of the supplied numbers will always be higher than the given numbers.

HCF – Highest Common Factor of 24 and 36 will be 12. 

LCM- Least Common Factor of 3 and 7 will be 21.

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Calculating HCF and LCM

Both HCF and LCM can be calculated manually or with the aid of a calculator. Divide the largest by the smallest integer and keep dividing the remaining until you obtain a zero as a remainder to find the HCF using a calculator. 

Using a calculator, multiply the smaller of the two numbers by the larger ones, and then keep multiplying the residual until you reach the LCM. 

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Ways to Find HCF and LCM

The three popular ways to find out HCF and LCM are listed below:

  • Division method
  • Prime factorization method
  • Factorization method

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