What is the Full Form of CNC?

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Full form of CNC

The full form of CNC is Computerised Numerical Control. It is a control system that controls the devices running on electronic digital computers. The basic function of CNC is to regulate, optimise, and record a machine moving objects. CNC can be devices like a router, grinder, welder, laser cutter, milling machine etc. CNC machines are more automatic compared with the old machines, however, CNC still requires a user to operate them. It implies a computer transforms the design into Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software-generated numbers. 

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What is the Machine Structure of CNC?

Usually, CNC-directed devices come along with different axes of motion including linear, rotary or both.

Generally, two-dimensional machines, X and Y, are used to cut materials like lasers

Milling machines are devices that typically come with at least three dimensions X, Y and Z

Generally, CNC-directed devices come with different axes of motion, such as linear, rotary, or both.

A couple of milling machines allow the cutter to proceed in the hemisphere of 180 degrees and have five dimensions, three linear axes and two rotary axes. There are more than five axes in the robotic system arm. 

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What are the benefits of CNC?

The following are the benefits of CNC:

  • CNC machines are quite persistent and can be used 24 hours a day
  • They are known to increase efficiency and completion of the product
  • It is easy to modify, making a few improvisations on the leading software that runs the device will do the work
  • It protects the projections of the company based on the blueprint 
  • In comparison to human labour, CNC machines eliminate the running and working charges.
  • It is quite easy to work on CNC machines, it requires minimal guidance and management and thus, saves a lot of time

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