Hospital Administration Courses

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Hospital Administration Courses

Health is certainly the first thing we are all concerned about. None of us takes any risks when it comes to receiving healthcare for ourselves and our loved ones. If you are impressed by the services and the facilities of a hospital and touched by the conduct of nurses and doctors, they are to be appreciated but the role of a hospital administrator is central to it. Healthcare sector has gone through drastic changes with new technologies and practices being incorporated every day. The dynamic field offers millions of jobs worldwide which include doctors, paramedics, technicians etc. New courses like MBA in Healthcare Management have become popular as novel concepts in the field of healthcare. The need for quality healthcare is ever-increasing which has led hospitals all over the world hire highly professional teams which include an important position of Hospital Administrator. In this blog, we will explore some of the best Hospital Administration courses offered by various global universities.


Hospital Administration courses are gaining popularity as many students are taking it up as a career option for themselves. The field offers bachelors, masters and certificate courses which are designed to train the students with necessary skills to ensure that healthcare facilities are being efficiently delivered within a hospital. Moreover, tackling ethical dilemmas while discharging duties form an essential part of the courses. Students are trained professionally to organize, plan, direct and execute decisions at improving the healthcare services in a clinic. 

What is Taught in Hospital Administration Courses?

Whether at master’s or bachelor’s level or as a diploma course, Hospital Administration as a subject has similar course contents but the level varies for each program. The course will primarily focus on implementing effective strategies and decision making to enhance the field of health care. Some of the common concepts explained in the Hospital Administration courses include Information Technology in Healthcare, Healthcare Research Methods, Teamwork in Healthcare Organizations, Organizational Behaviour and Communication, Healthcare Economics and Risk management. 

Hospital Administration

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Courses in Hospital Administration 

If you are aiming for overseas education in the field of Hospital Administration, a wide range of courses are available. Many universities abroad are known for offering exhaustive programs in the field with the highest placement rates. Here is the list of Hospital Administration Courses and the universities offering them:

Courses University Location Duration
Bachelor of Science in Public Health – Health Promotion and Health Behavior Oregon State University USA 3 Years
Master of Healthcare AdministrationMaster of Healthcare Administration University of New Haven USA 2 Years
Master of Health Administration Valparaiso University USA 2 Years
Diploma in Office Administration – Health Services Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Canada 2 Years
Graduate Diploma in Health Administration Australian Catholic University Australia 1 Year
Postgraduate Certificate in Health Care Administration Alpha International Academy Canada 1 year
Master of Health Administration Dalhousie University Canada 3 Years
Executive Master of Health Administration Florida Atlantic University  USA 2 years
Masters in Health Administration Flinders University Australia 2 years
MBA in International Healthcare Management Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Germany 1.8 years
Master of Health Administration La Trobe University Australia 1.5 Years

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Top Universities for Masters in Healthcare Administration

While universities all over the world have started to offer Hospital Administration course and other healthcare management programs, some institutes are taking the lead in the field. Below-listed are some of the prominent destinations offering world-class curriculum in healthcare management. 

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
George Washington University 362
University of Southern California 134
Johns Hopkins University 24
University of North Carolina 102
Harvard University 5
Georgetown University 281
University of Barcelona
University of Michigan 25
Hofstra University 
Virginia Commonwealth University 701-750

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria to pursue hospital administration courses:

  • To pursue an undergraduate course in hospital administration, the candidate must have completed the 10+2 level of education with Biology
  • To pursue a postgraduate course, the candidate must have completed an undergraduate degree in a relevant field
  • The candidate can be asked to provide their English language proficiency test score like IELTS, TOEFL

Career Prospects

Like other career options in the healthcare sector, Hospital Administration courses open doors to endless opportunities as the sector is growing at an unimaginable pace. The hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres are becoming more sophisticated which has given rise to highly trained professionals who can manage and keep the healthcare centres functioning. Healthcare Administrator is tasked with various responsibilities which include hiring doctors and other staff for the hospital, procuring equipment and making necessary changes to improve the standard of the services. Here are some of the job roles suitable for you after completing your degree in Hospital Administration:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Assistant Director of Finance
  • Hospital Operations Administrator
  • Associate Executive Director
  • Director of Patient Care Services
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Clinical Operations
  • Vice President of Quality
  • Director of Population Health

Job Profile and Salary

The following are the popular job profile and salary after pursuing Hospital Administration courses:

Job Profile Avg. Salary
Hospital Administrators 4.0 Lakh
Blood Bank Administrator 3.3 Lakh
Health Insurance Specialist 5.1 Lakh
Quality Management Executive 3.1 Lakh
Why pursue hospital administration?

Hospital management course is designed to train the students with necessary skills to ensure that healthcare facilities are being efficiently delivered within a hospital. Moreover, tackling ethical dilemmas while discharging duties form an essential part of the courses. Students are trained professionally to organize, plan, direct and execute decisions at improving the healthcare services in a clinic.

What are the top universities to pursue hospital administration?

The following are the top universities to pursue hospital administration:
Johns Hopkins University
Harvard University
University of Michigan

What is the average salary of a health administrator?

The average salary of a health administrator is 4.0 Lakh.

Hospital Administration courses are a gateway to a successful career in Healthcare Management. A potential career choice for those aspirants who want to work towards improving global healthcare, Hospital Administration as a field has countless opportunities to offer. With lucrative job profiles and prospect for growth, the field has a great potential to give your career a projection. If you want to delve into the world of Healthcare Administration, Leverage Edu can help you realize the dream. Our professional career counsellors will guide you in choosing the right course for you and will ensure that you land in your desired university. To start the process, book a 30-minute free counselling session with our career experts now.

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