What is the Full Form of DP?

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DP full form

The full form of Dp is Data Processing. It is a technology which process and organises a large amount of numerical data with the help of a computing program. The other functions that can be performed using this technology involve handling, measuring, analysing, sorting and storing data. In a nutshell, it is the changing of raw data into useful information for valuable insights with the help of computer networks or software.  

To derive important insights from the raw data, companies use various types of data processing software that help in the cleaning and visualisation of data. After the data is cleaned and manoeuvred data is presented in statistical forms so that it becomes easy to understand the data. There are various types of software that help in data processing and analysis such as MS Excel, Powerpoint, PowerBI, Tableau, etc. 

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Processes Involved in Data Processing 

  • Classification – In this process, the data is classified into various groups.
  • Validation – This method ensures the correctness, usefulness and safety of the data.
  • Analysis – With the use of advanced algorithms and mathematical calculations analysis of the data is performed to solve the business problems.
  • Sorting – In this process, data is arranged either in decreasing or increasing order. 
  • Summary – Data is explained concisely by highlighting important points.
  • Aggregation – In this process, several pieces of information are combined. 

Another Full Form of DP 

Another full form of DP is Display Picture. A DP is a picture that is frequently uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others. DP can be recognised as a single person’s prominent picture on social media or other web chat profiles.

Although DP is also regarded as a profile image, most people prefer to refer to it as a display picture because it does not reflect your profile. Users can customise the display picture’s context, crop, change the contrast and brightness, and more.

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