What is RBC Full Form?

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RBC full form

The RBC full form is Red Blood Corpuscle. It is commonly referred to as Red Blood Cells or Erythrocytes. They are one of the most essential components of blood. They measure about 6 mm in diameter and are larger than platelets. RBC consists of Haemoglobin an iron pigment that carries oxygen to the entire body. As the name suggests, Red Blood Corpuscle is red in colour due to the presence of iron-containing protein in the cells. RBC constitutes about 40-45% of the volume of blood. 

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How Does RBC Function in the Body?

Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC) collects oxygen from the lungs and carries it to entire cells of the body. RBC also carries carbon dioxide to the lungs as a scrap of metabolism. RBCs are alive in the body for 120 days. Once the RBCs are dead and damaged, they are stored in the Spleen. The bone marrow produces RBCs in the body. RBCs are alive in the bloodstream for 120 days.

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What Helps to Generate RBC in the Body?

Having a lower RBC count is a severe danger to the human body. Mainly vitamin B12 is responsible for producing more RBCs. In order to improve the absorption of vitamin B12, it is recommended to eat B12-rich fruits, especially pomegranate. The deficiency of RBC can cause chronic amnesia. 

Individuals with low RBC count are advised to consume food rich in vitamins A, C E and iron. Iron and vitamin C-rich food enable RBC production in the body effectively.  

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