What is JSON Full Form?

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JSON full form

The JSON full form is JavaScript Object Notation. It is a text-based data exchange format used for structuring data. JSON is mainly used to exchange data between a server and a web application. For organizing data, it can be used as an alternative to XML. Moreover, It also supports data structures like arrays and objects and the JSON documents are rapidly executed on the server. The origin of JSON was from JavaScript itself. Thus, it is based on the object notation of the JavaScript Language. 

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What are the Basic Elements of JSON?

The following are the basic elements of JSON notation:

  • Objects
  • Object Members
  • Values
  • Arrays
  • Strings 

JSON can be used in combination with many other languages like C++ PHP, Rudy, Perl and Python because it is independent of language. It is basically a data format and therefore, it is not limited to Ajax-style web applications and can be used whenever a web application needs to store or exchange information as text.

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What are the Features of JSON?

Well, let us look at the features of JSON:

  • Human readable
  • JSON is independent of the platform
  • It is simple and self-describing 
  • Known for its extensibility and interoperability
  • Provide advantage in terms of the wide availability of implementations
  • JSON is an ideal data exchange format for Ajax-style web applications

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