What is ISBT Full Form?

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ISBT full form

The ISBT full form is the International Society of Blood Transfusion. It is a scientific society which was established in 1935 to promote the study of blood transfusion. Society provides information about the ways in which science and blood transfusion medicine can serve the best interests of patients. The central office of the society is located in Amsterdam. The society has 1500 members in 103 countries. Currently, Michael Busch is the president of ISBT.  

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What is the Function of ISBT?

Take a look at the functions of ISBT:

  • ISBT responsibly advocates the standardisation and harmonisation in the field of blood transfusion.
  • Another impact of ISBT on the transfusion community is the classification of a variety of human blood group systems under a common nomenclature
  • The coordination of ISBT also extends to obtaining donors with rare antigens. This process often involves international searches and common terminology specific to the process.

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Another ISBT Full Form

Another ISBT full form is Inter-State-Bus-Terminal. It refers to a bus terminus that provides bus services to commuters to travel to destinations located in other states of India. It may also provide bus services in the same state. The phrase ISBT is popular in Northern India. 

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