What is EOD Full Form?

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EOD full form

The EOD full form is at the End of the Day. It has become a popular abbreviation in the corporate sector including in management firms, accounting or IT companies. The term is frequently used to describe the end of the working day or business day or even the working hours. For instance, in a 9 to 5 job, EOD could be used to describe the end of the 8 hours of duty. 

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How to Use the Term EOD?

Given below are the ways in which people use the term EOD:

  • People often use this term to set deadlines for their work and daily tasks. It describes the end of working hours in a day. 
  • Even though EOD is an informal term, however, it has been widely accepted in corporate offices between the different levels of designations.  
  • One must be careful while using the term EOD with clients, especially foreign clients. There could be some variations in the interpretation of date and time
  • The term is very popular in news organizations and publishing houses as they particularly work along deadlines

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Examples of Using EOD?

Let us take a look at the examples for using the term EOD:

  • “I request you to complete this project by the end of the day.” Here the speaker is requesting the listener for a certain task to be completed before the end of working hours in a day. 
  • “They will submit the article and the reports before the EOD.” Here the speaker is assuring that the people responsible for the article and report will complete their task before the deadline.
  • “Please provide us with your bank details and we will get back to you by the EOD.” In the speaker is asking for some information and requests the listener to wait for a brief period of time which they will take to get back to the listener. 

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