Name The Disease Caused By Vitamin C Deficiency

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Name The Disease Caused By Vitamin C Deficiency

The disease caused by Vitamin C deficiency is called Scurvy. Those who don’t have vitamin C in their diet for 3 months or more can be inflicted with Scurvy. It is primarily associated with the socioeconomic status of the person.

Some of the risk factors for vitamin C deficiency include alcoholism, eating disorders, smoking, diabetes, and inability to afford food, among others. Scurvy can lead to spontaneous bleeding, anaemia, exhaustion, limb pain, and swelling of the gums. The disease is mainly treated with supplements and diet changes.

What is Scurvy?

Scurvy happens due to a lack of vitamin C in the diet. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to symptoms of anaemia, gum disease, weakness, and skin problems. Vitamin C is vital in creating collagen, a component that is necessary for connective tissues.

The connective tissues, on the other hand, help in maintaining the structure of blood vessels and give support to the body. Hence,  Vitamin C deficiency will affect the immune system, cholesterol metabolism, and iron absorption in the body.

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Symptoms of scurvy

Early signs of Vitamin C deficiency induce appetite loss, weight loss, fatigue, and irritability. Within 1-3 months other signs will appear. It includes anaemia, swelling, petechiae, corkscrew hairs, bone pain, gum disease and loss of teeth, poor wound healing, and shortness of breath.

Treatment for Scurvy

Treatment would include vitamin C supplements- 1,000 milligrams (mg)/300-500mg per day for a week. Improvement in condition can be expected within 24-72 hours. While complete recovery is possible within 3 months. 


Name The Disease Caused By Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency can cause a disease called Scurvy. The disease is mainly caused by malnourishment. Scurvy causes issues such as anaemia, swelling, petechiae, corkscrew hairs, and bone pain, among others.


Name the disease caused by Vitamin C deficiency

Scurvy is a disease that is caused by Vitamin C deficiency.

How can I get enough vitamin C?

Vitamin C is available in a variety of food such as citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit) and their juices. It is also available in red and green pepper, kiwifruit, strawberry, tomatoes, and baked potatoes.

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