10 Psychological Facts About Personality

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Psychological Facts About Personality

Do you ever talk to a person and instantly feel their aura is so negative that you might not want to talk to them ever again? That is because you have read that person through eye contact. This is a psychological fact about personality that a human can sense the vibe from another human. Major signs that you can read another person are by watching their posture, facial expressions, and physical movement. Moreover, the tone of their voice, watching their pitch and body language. Well, that is how you always subconsciously knew that your ex-partner was never the right call for you. Nevertheless, scroll through the top 10 psychological facts about personality to find yourself only green flags. 

1. Walk Style Reveals Much About Someone’s Personality

A report by the Times of India, reveals that taking small steps and maintaining a straight shoulder with your head held high, the chances that you have a calm nature and charismatic personality. Moreover, people who have a fast pace and walk rapidly are associated with extrovert personalities, and engaging nature. 

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2. If Personality Traits Align with Your Job Profile, you get a Hike Soon

Let’s assume you are an anchor. The more confident your personality is and the more clearly you can read a bulletin, the chances that you will ace the job of an anchor are high. However, an underconfident personality would not win the chance to be standing with a mic and rehearsing the news. 

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3. The Weather Where You Grew Up Defines Your Personality

While you might have already heard people saying that in winter they become lazy, it might not be much of a psychological fact about personality that you don’t know. A report by “Nature,” found that people who grew up in sunny weather are less neurotic as compared to people who were born and raised in cold weather. 

4. Size of your Writing Letters Contribute to Your Personality

The National Pen Company in the US explains that the letter you write can greatly contribute to the kind of person you are. Small handwriting defines that the person writing it is shy and underconfident and people with larger written letters are more likely to be outgoing and extroverted people. Cat persons are associated with as curious and introverted.

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5. You are Heard When You Are Standing

If you want to lie about something and you want people to believe it make sure that the people you are talking to are sitting and you are standing. When you are standing the pressure on the person listening to you is increased for hearing your voice and learning what you are trying to convey. 

6. Your Illness is Linked with Your Personality

The most important psychological fact about the illness that everyone should know is that more aggression and hostility are related to heart-related diseases. Your personality can severely influence your health. A healthy person who practices yoga and meditation is more likely to live more than an impatient and aggressive person. 

7. Your Pets Have Personality

This psychological fact about personality is about your pet not about a human. Traits like trainability are linked to certain genes of a dog’s breed. 

8. Your Pet Choice Reveals Your Personality

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Well! This is one of the traits that reveal about your personality. For instance, a dog person is said to be more extroverted, as per research done on 4,500 people by Gosling, a researcher at UT Austin. 

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9. Social Media Don’t Hide Your Personality

You think what you see on social media is all a lie. Wait till you know how you people are showing their actual personality on socials. Research done on students in the US shows that Facebook profiles of people shed light on their personalities. 

The big five kinds of personalities are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness.

10. People Become Nicer When They Age

Your grandparents are the kindest people you might have known or might not be but in most cases it is right. But do you ever wonder why? As people age, they get three things eliminated from their routine- less neurotic, more conscientious, and more agreeable.

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