Who Introduced The Mansabdari System?

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Who introduced Mansabdari System?

The term ‘mansab’ in the mansabdari system refers to a rank or position used in the Mughal administration. It is used for the official who has a fixed position and salary in the Mughal hierarchy of officials. A mansab was a rank that could be used for both military and administrative purposes in the Mughal Empire which is why they proved to be of great help to them. It was introduced by the Mughal emperor Akbar, however, later changes were made by the successors. The main aim of implementing this system was to acknowledge a central system for the smooth functioning of the administration. Let us together get to know who introduced the mansabdari system.

Rank RangeTerm Used
Above 2,500Amir-i-Umara or Amir-i-Azam
5000-10000Royal Princes

Evolution of the Mansabdari System 

The above-given table belonged to the division of mansabdars at the time of Akbar. After the death of Akbar, all the mansabs were left with nothing at all because everything they earned was taken away from them. Moreover, mansabs who had contingents were lowered along with more reductions in their quota. These last batches were sent to faraway places from their original places and were taken aback from the front. 

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Salient Features of the Mansabdari System

  • Along with all the qualities this system carried, the top one was that it was not a hereditary system. All the mansabs could not carry forward their rank to their children. 
  • The Mansabdari system was borrowed by Akbar from Mongolia. Each individual in the Mughal official hierarchy had a mansab or rank higher or lower.
  • As per this system, there was a further division into types
  1. Zat – Higher rank and more money
  2. Sawar- More horses 
  • In the final times of Akbar’s reign, Mirza Aziz Koka and Raja Man Singh were given the highest rank. 

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