Ram Prasad Bismil, India’s Revolutionary Poet and Singer

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biography of Ram Prasad Bismil

At the time of the Britishers, when India was a colony, all we needed was some of the voices that would help us stand out. Ram Prasad Bismil was the person of the hour. He is a rising star in the Indian independence movement and joined forces with Genda Lal Dixit to rally young people in several districts. Through organizations like Matrivedi and Shivaji Samiti, they spread their message via pamphlets like “Deshwasiyon ke Naam” and poems like “Mainpuri ki Pratigya.” To fund their activities, they even resorted to acquiring funds from government coffers. Well! In this article, we will uncover everything about the revolutionary poet and singer of India. 

Ram Prasad Bismil Overview

Here are the basic information about Ram Prasad Bismil in brief:

Birth PlaceShahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh
ParentsMurlidhar and Moolmati
Known ForFreedom Fighter
Influenced ByArya Samaj
Famous ForUsing Poetry against British Raj
Inspired ByBhai Parmanand’s death sentence
Wrote Poem At Age18

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Contributions of Ram Prasad Bismil

On the banks of River Rapti, Ram Prasad Bismil was cremated. He was absolutely a prolific writer. Here are some of his major contributions to the nation. 

Organizations1. Formed Matrivedi with Genda Lal Dixit to organize youth against British rule. 
2. Co-founded the Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) in 1924, drafting its constitution.
– With Sanyal & Mukherjee.HRA manifesto advocated armed revolution.
– The goal was the Federal Republic of the Republic of India.
Major Cases1. Mainpuri Conspiracy (1918)
– Looted government coffers to fund revolutionary activities, and escaped arrest by jumping into the Yamuna River.
– Published ‘Deshwasiyo ke Naam’ pamphlet and ‘Mainpuri ki Pratigya’ poem. 
2. Kakori Train Robbery (1925)
– Successfully looted a train but was arrested with others within a month. 
– The Kakori Conspiracy Case trial lasted 18 months, resulting in death sentences for Bismil and others.
Other Activities1. Attended the 1921 Indian National Congress session in Ahmedabad. 
2. Went on a hunger strike in Gorakhpur Central Jail demanding political prisoner status. 
3. Wrote his autobiography and the famous song ‘Mera rang de Basanti Chola’ while in Lucknow Central Jail.


What is the famous poem of Ram Prasad Bismil?

Mainpuri Ki Pratigya is the famous poem of Ram Prasad Bismil which was distributed in pamphlets in the United Provinces. 

Where was Ram Prasad Bismil hanged?

He was hanged on 19 December 1927 at Gorakhpur Jail in Uttar Pradesh. 

What is the real name of Bismil?

Bismil goes by the pen names of ‘Bismil’, ‘Ram’, and ‘Agyat’.

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