What’s GPO Full Form?

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gpo full form

If you have ever visited a post office in the UK or some other countries, you may have noticed the letters GPO on the signboard or the building. But do you know what GPO stands for? In this blog post, we will explain the GPO full form and its history and functions. Read on to know more!

GPO Full Form

The full form of GPO is the General Post Office, a type of post office that is the main or central office in a postal system. It usually handles postal services for a large area, such as a city, a region, or a country. It may also offer other services, such as telecommunications, banking, or philately.

History of GPO

Officially established in England in 1660 by Charles II, the General Post Office eventually grew to combine the functions of the state postal system and telecommunications carrier. It was responsible for the mail, telegraph, and telephone services in the UK and its colonies until 1969 when it was restructured into two separate entities: the Post Office Corporation and the Post Office Telecommunications.

The Post Office Corporation continued to operate the postal services, while the Post Office Telecommunications became a public corporation that later evolved into British Telecom (BT). In 1981, the Post Office Corporation was renamed Royal Mail Group, which is still the current name of the postal service provider in the UK.

Functions of GPO

The General Post Office is not only a place where you can send or receive letters and parcels, but also a place where you can access other services and facilities. Some of the functions of GPO are:

  • Sorting and distributing mail: The GPO is where the mail is sorted and distributed according to the destination and delivery mode. It may also have machines and equipment to process and scan the mail.
  • Providing postal products and services: The GPO is where you can buy stamps, envelopes, packaging materials, postal orders, etc. You can also use various postal services, such as registered mail, express mail, international mail, etc.
  • Offering banking and financial services: The GPO may also offer banking and financial services, such as savings accounts, money transfers, bill payments, pensions, etc. You can also withdraw or deposit money at the GPO.
  • Selling philatelic items: The GPO may also sell philatelic items, such as commemorative stamps, first-day covers, stamp albums, etc. You can also find information and exhibitions about the history and culture of stamps at the GPO.
  • Providing telecommunications services: The GPO may also provide telecommunications services, such as phone calls, fax, internet access, etc. You can also find public phones or payphones at the GPO.

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We hope this blog helped you understand the GPO full form and familiarize you with its history and various functions. You can check out this full forms list to discover more full forms like this daily by following Leverage Edu. Happy Learning!

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