What is the Full Form of RDC?

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The full form of RDC is Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC). She/they/he is a senior administrative officer who heads the revenue administration in a specific geographical division. They hold authority over multiple districts and are responsible for overseeing revenue collection, land administration, disaster management, and other administrative functions. The RDC plays a pivotal role in coordinating government policies and managing various development activities within she/their/his designated division.

Financial Powers of RDC

Here are some of the financial powers of the Revenue Divisional Commissioner:

  • Responsible for approving pensions for employees within the office.
  • Approve the final General Provident Fund (GPF) for employees in the office.
  • Authorise Non-Refundable GPF/Temporary GPF for employees within the office and subordinate offices under Revenue Administration.
  • Grant House Building Advance, Computer Advance, and Motor Cycle Advance to staff in the office and subordinate offices under Revenue Administration.
  • Approve Reimbursement of Children’s Education Allowance (RCEA) claims for officers and staff within the office.
  • Authorise expenses for contingencies and other categories within the office’s budget.
  • Approve Re-structured Assured Career Progression (RACP)/Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) for staff in the office.
  • In accordance with the Delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1978, the RDC grants permission for the remission and write-off of cess, sairat, and miscellaneous revenue.

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Administrative Power of RDC

Here are the administrative powers of a Revenue Divisional Commissioner:

  • Serve as the Head of the office and lead the Departmental Promotion Committee within the office.
  • Give approval for revised estimates exceeding a 20% increase on Land Acquisition Proposals. Oversee the Quarter Allotment Committee within the office.
  • Approve purchases of items through the Purchase Committee. Establish and chair the RPDAC, overseeing a district.
  • Grant administrative approval for Residential Buildings up to Rs 3,00,00,000/- and Non-Residential Buildings up to Rs 5,00,00,000/-.
  • Authorise inter-district transfers for group D employees within Southern Division districts.
  • Make recommendations for the promotion of ministerial and field staff from the district cadre to the ORS cadre, including those in the office.
  • Create the Annual Establishment Review for the office and grant approval for Earned Leaves/Leaves for office employees.
  • Hold the authority, delegated by the State Government, to declare local holidays for districts in the Southern Division.

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