What is the Full Form of FCPS?

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FCPS Full Form is Fellowship of College of Physicians & Surgeons. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan provides membership in 22 disciplines and fellowship training in 73 specialisations.

Depending on the speciality selected, the FCPS programme can last anywhere between four and five years. The appropriate faculties have created competency-based courses for each discipline. In 207 medical institutes around the nation that have received CPSP accreditation, more than 19,000 training positions have been awarded. To guarantee that its trainees receive high-quality training, the College analyses these institutions’ standards and facilities closely.


The purpose of CPSP’s capacity-building short courses and workshops is to improve trainees’ professional abilities and training programmes. Attendance is required as a requirement for taking the exam. Basic surgical skills, advanced cardiac life support, biostatistics and dissertation writing, research methodology, basic life support, advanced trauma life support, communication skills, advanced life support in obstetrics, and introduction to computers and the internet are among the workshops covered in this list. When a trainee completes their training, they take their final exams, and if they pass, they are given the status of specialists and conferred Fellowship or Membership of the College.

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What does FCPS comprise?

After successfully completing 4-5 years of training and an interim three-phase examination, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) awards the speciality fellowship diploma known as Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (FCPS) in 73 disciplines, including diagnostic radiology.

The CPSP has established the FCPS (diagnostic radiology) examination, which is divided into three sections:

FCPS-I: Candidates who complete FCPS-I have the choice of pursuing training in radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, or diagnostic radiology.

IMM (intermediate module): The exam emphasises fundamental understanding of physics, anatomy, and pathology with an emphasis on radiology.

FCPS-II: The FCPS diploma’s final section consists of three parts: theory (two BCQ-format papers), TOACS, and viva. Prior to taking the TOACS and viva components, you must first pass the theoretical portion. Once more using images, TOACS evaluates the candidate across all radiological modalities. There are thirty stations in this computer-based test. The viva component consists of six system-specific viva sessions, which are conducted by six examiners on three tables with two systems each.

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