What is the Full Form of ECA?

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ECA Full Form is Educational credential assessment. ECAs can have many different shapes. You can be eligible to obtain a different kind of ECA given to you depending on the ECA’s category and/or issuing organisation.

Both the number of the reference and your ECA report must be included in your Express Entry profile.

When you are looking for work, your ECA report might be useful. However, it does not ensure that:

  • You’ll find employment in your sector, or once you reach a particular level
  • You’ll be granted a licence to work in a regulated profession.

You must obtain a licence in the territory or province where you intend to live if you intend to work in an occupation that is regulated.

What is Educational Credential Assessment?

ECA is a document that must be included with a Canadian immigration application. When requesting immigration to Canada, several documents may need to be presented according to the programme you’re seeking for. The ECA is a prerequisite for most government economic immigration streams, especially Express Entry.

You won’t need an ECA if you qualify for the Canadian Experience Class or the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, but you will if you want to receive CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) rewards for your studies.

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You don’t need an ECA for whatever schooling you received in Canada because it is equivalent to its Canadian counterpart. If you have multiple post-secondary degrees, just the highest degree needs to be evaluated. You could be required to undergo all of your credentials reviewed in order to receive the maximum number of CRS points possible after participating in the pool.

Your spouse, common-law partner, or other domestic partner who is travelling with you and holds a degree from a post-secondary institution is also qualified for an ECA. Although it is not required to apply through Express Entry, you may be able to increase your CRS points if your spouse or partner holds a degree. IRCC only accepts ECAs from specific organisations.

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